Sunday, 29 October 2017

My Birthday Week

Celebrated my Birthday this week a goal post of '60' eek. Still feel 21 but my body tells me different every day. Getting old is not fun but seems only a few months ago I turned 50. My advice is to experience every day, love what you do and only have people around you that are positive.

Enough of the doldrums, what have I been up to this week:

Sunday: Pottered around and rethought the props for my stall, in particular as I will be having a 4ft stall for March and April need to elevate more stock, just about got it sorted.

Monday: Not a lot, caught up on Victoria and Criminal Minds. Oh did make a New Home card for our new neighbours moving in next week.

Tuesday: Had to tend to DH as he was very poorly, he sees his consultant in a couple of weeks, may get some answers then.

Wednesday: Weather improved and went for 2 lovely dog walks, quite warm at times and pleased only wore a wrap and not a coat.

Thursday: Large sheet of paper and brainstormed collections. Sorted out a new project for Friday

Friday: Mr Waitrose delivery. Chef pot holders

Saturday: My Birthday, had wonderful cards and gifts, lovely lunch and watched the latest Pirates of the Caribbean, bliss.

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  1. Happy Birthday Caroline. I've loved Victoria, have you? I think it's just got better and better.


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