Sunday, 24 June 2012

Handmade Monday Number 72

Another Handmade Monday, think we should think of  a celebration when we reach 100.

Been quite productive this week with my Parisian collection, stitched on the machine as normal but this time the designs are more like sketches and I love them, fabric used cream linen.

Lavender Sachets

Madam Nightshades Bag

Ideal for a handmade soap, perhaps one of Jane's Rosemary & Pine bars, delicious

Hummingbird Frame Bag

Not sure why but had the idea of a hummingbird in a stitched toile style

More Owls, such a hoot.....

Following on from the call from Tracey at WTY just had to add this cute owl bag

Bridal Keepsake Pillow

I mentioned this last week but had not sent off to my favourite customer, has now arrived safely and she is pleased with the design and have permission to show off to you all. Drama masks, lavender and roses were the brief. I loved doing this project, think because bespoke gives me carte blanche on the creative design front. Plus had to send her a matching silk bag filled with confetti to throw over the happy couple on the day.

Been such a productive week and think a lot of this has been my new regime of planning in advance, getting everything needed to complete a task rather than the usual hunting round for items, then so exhausted cannot be bothered with the stitching. Now how long this super organisation is going to last? well watch this space.

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Mum's sewing room is so much fun, do not understand why she does not think the same!!!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

71 weeks?

Can you believe 71 weeks since Wendy started Handmade Monday, may have missed 2 during that time but certainly an inspiration to keep going. Thank you Wendy you have kept me on the crafting road most weeks, my stock is increasing and loving it more day by day.

Quite a week spent some waiting for deliveries of 'things I needed' to complete projects think the postal service is a bit like watching a kettle boil! Having seen in the news that apparently no post somewhere in the UK because it was raining and the postie slipped but not on a pavement in his own drive, sounds more like wrong leaves on the line every day.

Back on track the insul bright arrived so table mats finished and in the post, silk arrived for a keepsake bridal cushion all done and packaged but not showing yet as want my favourite customer to see first and be happy then hopefully can publish, with permission.

Tooth Fairy wallets, I know teeth have got more expensive now but these do hold silver coins, made in the 'In the hoop' method of machine embroidery using pink and blue gingham a bit cliche but still love it added a ribbon hanging and button for decoration, think these on a mug tree at a fair would look fun.

Email from Tracey at Wow Thank You apparently 'Owls' are in so an owl ring shown in pink and blue but can be done in other colours.

Off to hunt for some owl print fabric for a bag and more.....

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On a final note know I have posted this link on CF but just goes to show where the handmade audience could be: Handmade Lives thank you Dixie.

Been quite good this week but that could all change!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Handmade Monday No.?

Finished the school bag order for delivery on Monday, just glad have been making them piecemeal as no way could I have coped with 60 all at once. So what next had an order from a friend for some table mats got a sample of her curtain fabric from John Lewis and then had to ponder, should I go plain or slightly patterned. Now she is not much of a chintz gal so thought plain in toning fabrics to compliment the curtains quite happy with the result just hope she likes them, one problem ran out of insul bright made 5 out of the 6 now have to wait for a delivery!

UK Handmade bi monthly advertising is Glitz and Glamour so have to get my thinking cap on what to do, never work well to a theme preferring to go with the flow did  get back to the sketch book and come up with two ideas so far, white silk with a black chandelier with crystals. May also add the rose swan framed bag, also in white silk now what else.

Glamour Puss in Lavender

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Now an adult dog....NOT!!!!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Had to share

Pretty Nostlagic

This is a new British publication for all things vintage and vintage inspired, so had to grab the premier issue and what a brilliant read and such excellent value. Published bi-monthly so the £8.00 cover price is not expensive, printed onto matt heavy duty paper this is more of a book than a magazine and can see my shelves laden with all the issues as will remain current for a long time. Those of you that know me know that I do not gush about a publication unless I think worthy and tbh have been some doozies over the last couple of years.

Given the details by Tracey from Wow Thank You and low and behold in her advert on page 25 my mini car coin purse is displayed, so a double dose of excitement.

Okay calmed down now but would suggest if like me you love vintage treat yourself at Pretty Nostalgic.

Had a wonderful surprise through the post, I entered the give away over at Made by Ewe blog and won! no less than a kit to make Fraser, he is so sweet but think will sit on him, not literally until the winter as can imagine sitting by the fire knitting. A big thank you to Linda

What have I been doing this week? started with a restock home delivery by Waitrose the cupboards were bare according to Lee (DH)! larder and freezer now full and such an easy way to shop, this left me more time for crafting. Finished the doggie bags for the 5th, will post pic's on Shiloh's blog of the celebrations, think he may be in the sin bin having been red carded more times than is appropriate. A pic of the bags  all wrapped and tagged.

Started the Royal School bags and have managed 3 out of the 14, not as many as would have liked but life gets in the way, lol.

Off to a record fair in Caversham tomorrow, well Lee is and I am browsing the shops.

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Soon to be 1 !!!!!!!