Monday, 29 June 2009

Show and Tell Monday

Have not achieved all I would have liked last week, spent quite a lot of time worrying about Barney and his treatment. Managed to get the embroidered logo for my craft fair cloth done, so at least it will advertise my business now.

This is my find at the 'Boot Sale' am going to cover in fabric (pink of course) with roses and beads, will post when finished.

Check out the Pink Ladies blogs for some fabulous tales and displays, have a good week all and take care.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Show and Tell Monday

Not a lot done this week but did manage to start and finish this cross stitch cup design. Bought some pretty green rose fabric on my trip to Sevenoaks and plan to use this to edge the design and mount into a frame. I am sure my eyes are getting worse as can only seem to stitch in day time hours now, lol.

MIL's birthday this week normally make a flowery card but thought I would try something different, just got to do the words inside, when the new printer turns up and finished.

Have made a start on the wedding invitation order, printed off my logo on the back and the reply cards, hopefully can finish the fronts and inner wording this week. Completion is all down to Amazon despatching the new printer on time.

My mind is buzzing with ideas at present but don't seem to get everything done, the 'To Do' list is getting ever longer.

Check out all the other MMP blogs displaying the wonderful creations and finds from my Pink Sisters. Have a wonderful week Ladies.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Show and Tell Monday

Have done a lot this past week, so where to start, perhaps at the beginning. Used my embellisher for the first time and made the teddy fabric with a mohair mix wool, then appliqued and made up into a cushion.

Then I finally finished the small shelf unit I picked up at the boot fair. No excuses to loose my scissors now, must just remember to hang them up each time, lol.

On Wednesday we went to Rye in East Sussex, Rye is part of the 1066 country side, a historic cinque port, this area is steeped in English history, and has retained its historic character and charm.

This windmill is now a guest house just at the bottom end of the town, love windmills so had to photograph this one.

We went mainly for DH to visit a 60's record shop he had seen advertised, supposedly had 1000 8 tracks, he was disappointed as they only ended up with a box full, he was not a happy bunny and only walked out with one.

I on the other hand did really well, found this lovely wire mannequin for my craft fair display, thought I could fill it with the pot pourri floral puffs.

Then went to a garden center on the way home and found some pink butterfly boxes again for my display.

Further along went to 'The Glitter Pot' a delightful craft shop filled with loads of goodies, I was quite reserved here but did buy a replacement cutting ruler, sizzlit corner die and some brads.

Am still drying rose petals and will have to start mixing the orris root and rose oil to enable the petals to infuse all that beautiful scent. The linen cupboard has a lovely aroma of roses every time I walk past.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Show and Tell Monday

Another week, where do the days go, another 6 months and Christmas will be upon us again. DH and I have been doing our own thing now for 14 months and I can honestly say we have not been bored once, always things to do, in fact do not know how we had time to work, lol!

My offering this week is a wall hanging in the theme of a noticeboard, enjoyed making this as different, at the time of starting this blog my batteries have died in the camera will have to add the photo when I have been shopping tomorrow.

Got the batteries a pack of 10 this time so hopefully will not run out again!

Have a Happy June Week everyone.