Sunday, 28 June 2015

Bumble Bees have taken up residence

We have a nest of Bumble bees in the soffits above the garage, varying sizes buzzing around their daily business. Checked with the local Bee Keepers Assoc and they say they will be gone by mid August at the latest. As protected they can stay, must admit they do not seem bothered about DH,dog and myself. I hang my washing out there and they just swerve to avoid me, peaceful fluffy creatures.

Funny about the bees as started my Bee Hive collection, maybe an omen that I have chosen right. Must admit do love bumble bees they make me think of long hot summer days, picnics in a park, reading in the garden under the scented roses, ahhhh! bliss. What better than an English summer.

Weather has been so good this week must admit struggled to actually work and find early morning is the best time. We get up about 5.30 most days and out for a wonderful walk with Shiloh, only see a few dog walkers (we are a mad bunch) and all the nature just perfect. Back to work did get some items done and still working on some more:

Bumble Bee clutch bags in a bee print cotton with a bumble with 3D wings

Bumble pins


Honey Jar and Honey Bee Mug Rug (this took almost 3 hours of stitching each and not sure will repeat)

Key Fobs

Honey Bee fabric bowl

Think that finishes the Bee Hive collection for now, have to sit and plan what I am going to do next week.

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Have a great summer week and judging by the forecast temperatures stay cool.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

On Holiday, hmm!

Been on a sort of holiday this week but finally pulled my finger out and made some more stock for the Sewing Room collection:

Scissor Keepers

Needle Cases

Pin Cushions

Key Fobs

The key fobs are a new in the hoop design and think they turned out well.

I have a break from events until the 12th September, this gives me plenty of time to add new products but mainly I must tidy my workroom, bought a new chest of drawers and filled the drawers with 'stuff'. None of it sorted and boxes under the desk. Being a cold room ideal to do this when we get the summer heatwave, okay don't laugh but can live in hope.

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Have a good week and hope the weather is kind to you all

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Artisan Market and stall props.

Spent most of the last week making stall props and sorting stock for the Artisan Market on Saturday. 
Wanted to have something at the back of my stall,  I do have a large trellis section already but these are getting so heavy and find hard to carry very far. Came up with the idea of covering 4 canvases with batting and fabric, backing with a taupe sheeting, hinging together and making 2 lightweight backing boards. Very happy with how they look and handy to drape things over. 

My new shelves also arrived, again been looking for some small shelves, kept looking at wood but never found what I wanted then spied these Gisella Graham ones, expensive but perfect and easy to carry. The fit in the bag I made for the canvases. Think they highlight my clutch bags perfectly. sorry about the photo think I had the camera on close up and forgot to change, just typical of me.

The Artisan market was very quiet, on every month but this year only going 4 times and think may miss June next year. They like to change the stalls around so you are never in the same place twice, keeps returning customers walking round to give all stallholders a fair crack at the whip, so to speak. Not sure I have the stamina to go every month and think can make customers complacent if they see the same stalls over and over again. I also try to alter what I take so not the same thing, have my iPad with me so they can look at my full site if they want.

More for my Sewing Room collection, only had a small amount of this fabric, must have been an eighth as only managed to make the scissor keeper, pin cushion and a needle case. Plan to sell these as a set

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Have a good week a dodge the rain showers if possible.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

A wonderful week

Started off not too good weather wise but got better as the week went on. Had coffee with a new friend and business colleague on Wednesday, a lovely chat and excellent coffee. Hair cut on Thursday with another visit to the garden centre, this time for pebbles, did not cost anything as had some loyalty vouchers from them, now that is the type of buying I love.

Finished the new bed with the pebbles, so much neater than before.

When looking for sewing themed fabric for the scissor keepers last week came across these wooden spools. Had bought about 4 years ago and never used, although did have a plan.

As dismal on Sunday wanted something where the machine did the work and I could just embellish. Spool pin cushions with sewing mice round the centre.

Think they feel quite Vintage in style and enjoyed making them.

Not a lot of crafting done as had to 'help' DH with the kitchen ceiling. What is it with men that they always need help, grrrr!!!!! 2 washes and 2 top coats later looking good, all ready for Andrew to finish the lights on Monday, then will be able to see again. Not good fumbling round the kitchen with just a hob light on, lol and I am a tad clumsy.

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That is all for this week, enjoy the good weather and maybe summer has started