Sunday, 26 August 2012

Handmade Monday No. 81

Another week of crafting, well sort of just that some days have been far too hot. Now I know we should not moan but if it is not wall to wall rain and cold then so humid that it is uncomfortable and having my mojo back from the unscheduled holiday wanted to work. So a plan get up at 4, awake anyway, work until 6.30 walk the dog back for breakfast then work until about 10.00 Repeated about 7 at night for a couple of hours. So far it is working well, sleep pattern gone to shot as nap in the afternoon but at least I am working. 

Dream Capture Bottles

A bit of recycling here just love these Waitrose salad dressing bottles and had an idea for Dream Capture Bottles, know a lot of fairy wishes around so had to be different. The label is embroidered with 'Capture Your Dreams', lid draped in pink organza tied with pink ribbon. Filled with white crystal organza and Angel Fibre. A pocket tag with a butterfly design and 2 pretty cards printed with a vintage rose design for writing down your dreams. You have to write down your dreams in order for them to come true, keep safe in the pocket and make a wish.

Just need to get through a few more bottles of honey and mustard dressing then can add some more colours to this collection. As Lee will not eat salad (a man thing) going to take some time.

National Women's Friendship Day

On the 15th September it is National Women's Friendship Day a day to pay tribute to those friends who have helped you and honour women who give inspiration to success. Friendship between women is special and should have a place in our busy calendars. I will be paying tribute on my blog to a special friend who means the world to me and has been through so much but is still always there for me. 
What will you be doing and do you want to join me on a link party?

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Handmade Monday 80

Only 20 more to go and re reach 100, wonder if we will get a telegram from the Queen.

A better week on the crafting front, think hate to say this but last week was too hot and humid. I love the sun but with a mild breeze, perhaps we should move to the coast. Talking of moving Lee and I were browsing areas, as you do, having a discussion that without ties we could move where ever we wanted. Out comes the ipad and looking at properties Wiltshire looks good and so much cheaper than where we are now could move like for like and end up with a big fat bank balance. Then you start to look into further detail and we love our home and would be hard pushed to get a replacement, so looks like we are staying put for the time being. Sometimes the grass is not always greener.

Okay back to the makes saw an idea of hessian/burlap bags decorated, being me I thought could make my own (not too keen on sewing hessian though) and add my own twist so here are my results, pretty little burlap bags ideal for a summer afternoon stroll or fill with gooodies a s a gift. Could be filed with crafting bits and pieces for fellow maker or a holiday gift for the children.


Okay I said it and I have started on some ornaments, saw the idea on youtube going to add some stockings as well but love the vintage feel, glitter, feathers and roses.

The blog directory I started a few weeks ago has bitten the dust and been deleted as apparently no one wanted to join me in business promotion,  a shame as all the media states that blogging and visiting and commenting on other blogs raises your profile.

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Handmade Monday 79

Supporting each other

In the current climate when selfishness seems the norm I think the crafting community are best placed to go against the grain and support each other. Helping with ideas, websites, business. I know you will always get those that think only of themselves and their own promotion but mostly crafters are a happy supportive bunch of people, understanding that at times things are tough for us all and without joining as a co-operative community we could all fail.

You may wonder what has prompted this soap box session, well in the last week I have come across both types, those that will put themselves out for others and those that it is all about 'ME'. I know this happens in all walks of life but fellow crafters spare a thought for your comrades and let's all support each other without a thought of ourselves.

Okay onto the makes or lack of them! a bad week and my mojo was well and truly on holiday. Found some fabric for the school bags, not much but made 3 and a couple of totes from the offcuts.

That is all for this week folks, hope my mojo returns from holiday duly refreshed next week and actually gets on with some work.

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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Handmade Monday No. 78

Another week has gone by and ever nearer the 'C' time not even thought about it but do need to knuckle down at some point, problem is coming up with new ideas thick and fast and none that are 'C' related. Perhaps I should get out the 'C' music not sure what Lee will think but could help.

Okay down to business a cry for help or should I say support, Jill from Christmas Pie Crafts Blog has been very good over the weeks and has been kindly offering a Friday guest spot on her blog. She has now run out of guests and would be so good if some of you could take her up on her offer, this is an ideal opportunity to promote your business, charity or whatever so please do contact her, then we could all be reading about you.

Right work done this week, had a commission to add some embroidery wording to a beautiful applique pillow from a fellow crafter. Stephanie makes these pillows out of fleece with the name at the top in this case a little boy for his 1st Eid, appliqued with a sailboat. Happy to oblige and hope the customer likes it.

Then thought better get on with some of my own work! Bought some fabric off ebay mainly to make some school bags, but realised on cutting that far to thin, one of these cases when the description was not exactly accurate. Never mind thinking cap on and had to use for something so a set of party bags were stitched, have lined them as added body and will be selling these on ebay to shift out of the stock cupboards.

Talking about ebay I do use but not a great lover, contemplating opening a shop in  September to shift the vast amount of 'stuff' we have in the attic's, they are groaning under the weight and not sure fancy standing at a car boot sale in this ever changing weather, could arrive in sunshine and leave in snow!!! Will also use to get rid of old craft items that have been hanging around for a bit.

Better get on with some more makes had a vision of white linen and grey stitching. Found these lovely ornate fonts, thought they went so well for the wording 'LOVE'.

Seahorse tote bags, again using up the remnants, these colours looked under the sea to me.

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Please note the 'Friendship Day' blog has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

Breathing as have a reprieve from the vets!!!!