Sunday, 24 September 2017

Hello from a chilly Hampshire

Welcome to another week of my musings and creations. This week has been more productive and sure something to do with putting the heating on and not stuffed into about 3 jumpers!

Diary of the week:

Sunday - Stitched out 18 Teachers Thank You apple key fobs

Monday: Santa Milk and Cookies mug rugs were on the 'To Do' list but then realised had not got any red and green plain fabric. Sure I had some but must have used last year. Ordered.

Tuesday: Went and saw my sister, spent the morning chatting, sorting out her iPhone calendar and looking at the wonderful embroidery she has been doing. The plain red and green fabric arrived that is what I call excellent service, next day delivery.

Wednesday: Spent the morning updating the paypal app for my events. Have to make sure have photos, prices, options etc takes a while to do and something I must try to do after each item made. Trouble is some items are purely for events and do not go on my website, plus the other way round. Thinking about it I could post to paypal anyway just in case. If I did an open day would have everything on display anyway. Must add to my list of things to do after each creation.

Thursday: got on and made 4 of each of the Feltie pins - Fox cub, lamb and a cute mouse. Mounted onto some tags that have had hanging around for some time.

Friday: Milk and cookie coasters

Saturday:  Reindeer and dragon pins 4 of each, plus painted and decorated some mini pumpkins. All in all not a bad week for creating.

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Until next week......

Sunday, 17 September 2017

A week of procrastination

Well this week has been odd, I spent a lot of time doing nothing and thinking about doing nothing. Feeling guilty that I was doing nothing.... you get the drift. Days of should I shouldn't I and in the end wasted time doing? Nothing!!!!!

Achieved a lot on Thursday, shouts from the bedroom that the new sky Q box had packed up, on checking no the tv which was 15 years old had packed up. Went online chose another tv ordered for next day delivery. Then realised as bigger would need a console table again online and ordered for next day delivery. Friday came and both items arrived within 20 minutes of each other, now that is what I call service. All up and running by 2pm. DH now happy.

Back to what I should have been doing.....

More Teacher gifts, some variations on the mug rug pattern

Finally got the samples for the letter bunting and add on's done.

Okay Diary time:

Sunday - Teacher mug rugs
Tuesday - Trip out with DH
Wednesday - Add on's for the bunting
Thursday - Nothing a lazy day and sorting out the new tv
Friday - A Birthday card for a friend, cannot show yet
Saturday - Blog, another Birthday card and a Sympathy card for a neighbour who has lost her Dad.

As you can see it was defo a procrastinating week, let's hope next week is better.

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Sunday, 10 September 2017

106 more days until Christmas.

I know still a way to go but I love all things Christmas, the church bells, snow, glitter, snow, giving gifts, cards, snow, snow and snow. To wake up to a quiet but clear morning and know with the hush it is white outside. Not good if you have to get around and being in a village have been snowed in before. Sadly now the army have left think we will remain snowed in if we get the white stuff.

Dog walks through the white stuff, bliss. Okay back to normality and Autumn which I am sure is a month early, the trees are turning already but do think we had summer in April through to July.

Creating this week? Made a bandanna for Shiloh, dreadful behaviour for a model and had to be blackmailed with a supply of doggie biccies to finally get one shot. Spent most of the time with his head as a blur or his tongue stuck out! Such a diva, not sure would employ again, think will make a soft toy dog to use in the future.

Put on Facebook and had an order for 2 within 5 minutes

All done and posted off last Monday.

Just goes to show how good FB is for advertising. Noticed an increase of visits to my page as well. Maybe doggie things are the way to go.

This weeks diary:

Sunday - Bandanna order, packaged ready for posting

Monday - Trip to Godalming so nothing creative done

Tuesday - Should have been adding new makes to my website but DH took over the iMac

Wednesday - Adding 2 new makes to my website at a time as find this part of the business boring, love to make. Okay actually added 8 items today.
Plain contrast fabric arrived ready for the sample bandannas tomorrow.

Thursday - More website updating, all finished now and must do as I make.
The champagne glass silver die cuts arrived, mock up for 60th Birthday invitations sent off for acceptance. Still waiting on delivery of the cards though.

Friday - Samples of the different bandanna patterns added to my website.

Cards for the invitations received, printed off and champagne glasses added. Have blurred out the details top and bottom of the card. I can assure you they did not go off with black smears, lol Booked for collection by courier tomorrow.

Saturday - End of term Teachers gift ideas started: Best Teacher mug rugs

Also started a list of the items that I am taking to the fair in October, plan to transfer to the paypal app on my iPad, this needs to be done by early Oct but hoping to start on that task next week.

That is another week from my crafting diary, what will I get up to next week? What have I learned this week? to take photos and add to my website as I go!!!!

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Until next week, have fun

Sunday, 3 September 2017

A week in my crafting shoes

Thought would do something different this week and take you through a journey of my crafting week, day by day.

Monday - Found some head bands and pony tail bands, not sure when I got them but thought may as well use up for the fairs this year.

8 X knot bow hair bands

12 X knot bow pony tail bands

Tuesday - Cleaning upstairs. It is official I hate housework with a passion. Knitting.

Tuesday/Wednesday - New project started and knitted 1 pair this afternoon, a cute pair of bootees/sneakers

Wednesday - A trip to M & S food, spent more than I should but so many goodies, afternoon more knitting.

Thursday - Matinee jacket. Bought the yarn for this but somehow ran out, panic set in but the supplier had 3 balls left of the correct dye lot. Got another ball delivered Saturday and after knitting like mad all done. The dark teal ribbon arrived today and looks good, had to order by eye as online but happy with how it turned out.

Friday - Bandanna for Shiloh, he was not a professional model and acted like a Diva spending most of the time sticking his tongue out.

Posted to Facebook and got an order for 2 within 5 minutes, now that is what I call productive advertising.

Saturday - Order for the 2 bandannas done, all packaged up for posting later today.
Blog updated all ready for Sunday and now the start of a new week.

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