Sunday, 28 February 2016

Put on your Top Hat.....

Something I have been planning to do for some time but as we all know crafting ideas get in the way. Fascinators, in this case a lace top hat stitched on my machine, decorated with feathers and Swarovski crystals. Alligator clips ensure safe attachment to your hair. Stitched in a Rose Taupe thread with pale pink feathers, organza flowers, very vintage.


More Mod Podge, Paris papers, flowers and bling. Again I enjoyed doing these and think these add a bit of je ne sais quoi to the Library collection.

Paris Trunk Trinket Box

Had this trunk box for a while and as mod podge mad thought why not.

I love bespoke orders and q request arrived this week from an old school friend. Two special Birthday cards a 21st and a 60th. Love how these turned out.

The request fashion and flowers.

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That's all for this week, have a lot more ideas planned but exhausted after the past week, 
think need a lay down with a Pimms, lol

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Scarf Necklaces and a bit more

Been an odd week, sometimes freezing other times mild, must admit for dog walking, well any walking, prefer it to be cold and dry. Can always wrap up warm but getting wet is no fun.

Still waiting on deliveries for some of my makes, these will appear at some point, hopefully before the end of February.

With my 2 free balls of wool made another 2 scarf necklaces

Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice

Have ordered some more colours, decided prefer the yarn with glitter, silly me did not notice a difference when I first bought them, never mind not everyone is a glitter girl.

Paris Butterfly Cards

Some more simple cards, using the Paris paper offcuts, love these and again think for £2 reasonably priced.

Wanted something small to hold my new gift cards at events, not baskets this time though. Saw these on ebay then when I went to the website direct, low and behold half price. Had to get 2 to even things up a bit. Perfect for C6 cards and so vintage looking

Lace Bookmarks

Been meaning to do these for some time but as happens other projects get in the way. Love how they have turned out. Stitched onto crystal organza with faux silk ribbon

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That is it for another week, hope to see you same time same place on the 28th.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Paris, Diamantes, Roses and Pink!!!

A productive week interspersed with some lovely long dog walks, when blue skies and dry although cold was the forecast. Not good on these dark, wet and dismal days. I do not like it very hot but love to see blue sky and the happy face of the sun. Energises me to do so much more. 

Lee even managed to do a high cut on the back lawn, which atm still resembles a meadow.
Tete A Tete, Crocus, Snowdrops are appearing along with 2 flowers on the Magnolia, the others have decided not to be so adventurous.

Makes this week. In a sort of clear up found 2 wood letter racks, not sure how long have had them but a fair few years and never done anything with them. Well this was the week, paint and Mod Podge to hand, foam brushes, Paris papers, roses and lace. Not forgetting the faux silk ribbon and Eiffel tower charm. Really happy with how they turned out.

Not wanting to waste any of the paper covered these new tobacco tins, again found in a box and think been around as long in my workroom as the letter racks. Adding pearls and diamantes. 

Now what to put in them as seems a waste of a pretty tin to leave empty? Tags off course a digital download again with pearls, roses and diamantes, finished off with the pink faux silk ribbon.

Also could not resist these Anna Griffin prints to cut out and make into cards (old stock again). Using kraft card blanks with matching envelops (love kraft card so vintage) stitched on some vintage style lace, another digital download. The birds and flowers took some cutting out detail but with my Pergamano scissors could not be better.

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That's all for this week folks, will be participating with Workbench Wednesday with the Professional Crafters Guild on Facebook this week, plus getting ready for the CraftFest event on the 26th.

Have a great week and stay warm and safe

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Decorated bottles and another scarf necklace

Another week has gone by and February, whilst being a short month, is whipping past at a rate of knots. Been a busy week with opticians, luckily my glasses remained the same. Lee? not so lucky and  his wallet is now a lot thinner.

I fancied decorating some pretty bottles, found a set of 3 perfect specimens, with a feature stopper. Covering in a beautiful rose and french label rice paper, embellished with lace, crinkle ribbons, vintage style key, cameo and roses.

Loved making these and something a bit different again for me. Seem to be connecting with my vintage side more and more this year.

Another scarf necklace think this 1 should be summer for the bright colours. Sadly only got 1 out of this ball of yarn, not sure why but looks as if half missing, much thinner than the others. Had already knitted up one scarf before I realised, nothing I can do about it but annoying. Another ball has had to go back as the colour came of on my fingers and needles, something not quite right here methinks.

Looking for something different in digital prints check out my good friend Jude's site on Etsy: Octavia Moon absolutely beautiful and a very clever lady

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See you next week