Sunday, 27 March 2011

Monday Craft Day

It's that time again Monday Show and Tell and Handmade Monday, where does the week go? Not much creating this week more visiting my favourite fabric shop in Sturminster Newton, Hansons Fabrics and Craft, pure bliss if you love all things sewing, wall to wall fabric, lace, beads and more and the journey through the New Forest was fun as well, all the ponies.

Mono Chic

Afternoon Tea

Amelia Rose

& just in case

So as not to upset Lee (DH) on to Frome (Froom) for him to visit his favourite 60's record collectors shop 'Raves from the Graves' nestled up a small street with a stream running down the middle. I enjoyed some cinnamon toast and coffee whilst waiting.

and finally a Marie Antoinette decorative cushion, with handmade organza roses and leaves, filled with fibrefill and pose pot pourri and must not forget the Swarovski crystals to pin up her skirt.

Marie Lace and Crystal necklace, machined lace centre, topped with Swarovski crystals, flowers, satin bow, crystal embedded heart with satin and organza cording.

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Another Handmade Week

From Marie to modern times....

Been on a roll this week and seem to have been making for England. Continuing on with the Marie theme a delightful framed mini bag in blue and gold print with a white fancy lace top, embellished with a crown, Swarovski crystals and a glass heart

Rose scented sachets with a detachable crown charm

PDF Pattern now available on my website for the craft/tidy tote bag along with the finished sample as shown for sale

Something I have been thinking of for a while then filed at the back of my mind until reminded by a friend recently and ipad holder/bag, shown in dark brown cord with a red fleece lining

A bit more fun in mint and white spot, lined with green print fabric and button detail

Kindle and Nintendo holders to follow.

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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Even nore bags....

Laundry/Tidy Bags

The final 24 bags completed for a school order, fun scooters, random squiggly stripes and more, what a fun way to add colour to the dormitories.

Introducing The Craft Plaza a business forum for UK based craft business, a public forum for coffee and more, a business section for those who run their own business or looking to start. Big plans afoot for the Craft Plaza why not join us for the journey.

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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Apples & Totes

Welcome to another week of Show and Tell Monday and Handmade Monday

Slightly different had a request for a company apron from a friend, I love applique work and tried to replicate her logo style as much as possible, posting off today hope she likes:

As many of you know I supply tidy/laundry bags to a local girls' school but am always left with strips of fabric, usually make small tidy bags but thought something a bit different a craft tote, the centre is open and measures approx 7" X 5" has a stiffened base with 4 pockets around the outside, not a huge tote but ideal for carrying all those pesky craft tools and bits and pieces. I move tools etc from my workroom to use in my sewing room and back again normally leaving a trail of debris behind or mislay an item that I then spend ages looking for. The first one was a bit rough around the edges but serves it purpose and these are now the fine tuned product, will be adding to my website as they are made, random colours and patterns, ideal for a workshop/class situation as you can easily spot your tote. Also thinking along the lines of a pdf pattern with full instructions etc which I may post on my website and Etsy for those who like to make.

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