Monday, 27 October 2008

Show and Tell Monday

Last Tuesday had the first Gift Party of the year at my Sister's all my goodies went down well and the wine flowed freely. The dogs were well behaved and joined in the fun.

After a successful evening relaxed on Wednesday and started to plan for the next event, my Open House on the 18th November, also booked another fair at The Royal Girl's School at Hindhead on the 22nd November. Busy busy at the moment having a break tomorrow as my Birthday, another year older and I don't think I have got any wiser.

Check out the other Show and Tell Monday offerings at Make Mine Pink or follow the links shown at the side of my blog. The Pink Ladies always have some lovely blogs to follow.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Show and Tell Monday

It's that time again, Monday morning and I hope all the pink ladies are ready for Show and Tell. Stop by the pink blogs to see what everyone has been up to last week.

I have an Open House in a week and am sewing and beading night and day here are a few of my latest creations.

Delicate bluebell flowers on a sterling silver chain, red glass crystals with a feather and a cappuccino bracelet.

As you can see my mind is all over the place and each piece is different, I tend to flit like a butterfly when creating and always have several projects on the go at once. My lists of things seem to do grow daily and I have to be very disciplined to complete the lists often finding that the it has grown, items have been made but they were never on there in the first place.

Hoping to do a craft fair at the local girl's school, DH has been firm and said I have got to earn the money first, so here's hoping my sister's event is successful.

Weather is sunny, the badgers are still visiting, the leaves are falling and the trees are turning into a wonderful array of colours. Just a taster this is from my home office window, love Autumn and the anticipation and magic of Christmas.

Just to prove I am working really this is the mess (whoops organised chaos) in my workroom.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Show and Tell Monday

It's Monday again with another Show and Tell from the Make Mine Pink Ladies, check out the blogs for the latest offerings.

The Big Cat live series started on the BBC again last night and I understand is showing every night this week. If you enjoy watching the tales of Toto and Kike take a look at Bob Eveleigh's photo's of the stars of the show, taken on his many trips to Kenya. Safari's are his passion and he captures the true essence of the big cats to compliment the TV series.

Back to the boring bit, only joking, what a week, warm sun, freezing cold winds and now rain, the full spectrum of the British weather has been thrown at us within a week, all we need now is snow and I think we have had it all.

I have been doing my usual making bit, tied to the sewing machine or bent over a beading mat, what I do for the love of my craft. Just a couple of offerings made this week.