Sunday, 29 July 2012

Handmade Monday N0. 77

What a week and what an end to it, actually sat and watched the opening ceremony and loved every minute. Just hope other countries understood the history but very well done and seamless transitions, we should be proud as a nation.

Ocala Towers has had some trauma, on Wednesday a loud bang, lots of coughing and spluttering, all the plugs go out when the fuse trips. So thought better check if all DH alright, that is after flipping the fuse back on! Lee's old Mac (my cast off) finally gave up the ghost problem he has not been backing up, just so typical of a man and not for the want of telling, never listens to me now I have proof. He is now sharing my Mac, not going to happen for long as driving me mad, thumps the keyboard, whinges because he now has to resurrect everything. Good job I carried some over last December. Already back up to Apple direct but thought no better be local as well. Time Capsule ordered Thursday and arrived Friday, now for the set up, not as easy as would have thought got a call back logged and 2 hours later all up and working, overnight full back up done, now does hourly for any changes whooppee! My new best friend and so smart, not to mention when you enter the TC to check for data the background is moving stars in space. It's official I love Apple Macs.

Now onto makes, with all this heat, I know should not moan but when you need a shower every time you move not fun and my sewing room was positively stifling at times, so early morning stitching.

The Paris Collection continues:

Swallow Wristlets

Made in the usual natural linen, I love this fabric and so good to stitch on

Butterfly Wristlets

One final laugh of the week took Shiloh to the vets to be weighed, simple? oh no he decides that he is not going on the scale, lays down and becomes super glued to the floor. The receptionist stood in front with a treat, he walks round to get it! Another vet parent stands behind to get him to go for a cuddle, very friendly our dog, no walks around. In the end Phillip (vet) and Lee have to man handle him onto the scales them realise that Lee has one foot on which gives a duff reading thought we had a 10 stone dog for one moment. Mission accomplished turns out he weighs 44.7kgs, now I am not into this modern weight palaver but 7st! eek! and not fully grown, think we got a polar bear not a golden retriever. He had a treat after and went to the hair dressers which he enjoyed as lots of fuss, has now been showered in advocate and worming tablets which were disguised in a piece of cheese, which had to be bought specially as Lee and I do not eat cheese, yukk!!

Work in progress, waiting for a tread delivery and nothing more to show but should be completed by next week, dragonflies and sea horses.

When you have recovered from laughing over the antics of Ocala Towers this week check out the other blogs at Handmade Monday, don't forget to comment as we like to spread the love.


Humungous beast

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Handmade Monday No 76

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it is warming up, Hooray!!! about time to.

The change in weather is so good and makes such a difference, think we were all getting the SAD syndrome from too much dark and wet days, poor plants will wonder what is happening whilst the weeds reign supreme.

Parisian Collection continues....

Postcard wristlets, been a long time since I have made these in fact looking back about 8 years then about 20 years before that but now able to use machine embroidery and make I feel special.

French Court Bee Wristlet

Made in vintage french bee print fabric, lined in cream, handy zip closure and wrist strap.
Measuring 17 X 13cms an ideal size

Parisian Rose Wristlet

Rose printed linen,  lined in cream, handy zip closure and wrist strap.
Measuring as French Bee Wristlet

French Bee Honey and Vanilla Sachets

Using up some of the left overs had a think and thought the idea of hexagon shaped sachets with a honey bee design and of course honey and vanilla pot pourri,  measure approx 11 X 10 cms

Must admit love this fabric so much have managed to source some more.

A reminder that it is International Friends day on the 5th August for anyone wanting to make some 'Friend' gifts or cards. If you want to join the 'Friends linky party on the 4th let me know and will add you to an email reminder.

The workforce is now 14 months old, not much help so the work part does not happen. We hope that he will not grow much more as already huge. Apparently Goldens do not grow up mentally until 3 at the least, eek!!

Have a wonderful summer week and don't forget the sun protection and check out the other blogs at Handmade Harbour
The not so helpful workforce

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Handmade Monday No. 75

Another week and more crafting with Handmade Harbour

What a week the hose pipe ban finally lifted but so much rain would not want to use the hose anyway, even the geese are getting fed up at the mill and huddling together for warmth and shelter under the trees. Shiloh hates getting wet, this is despite the fact that he is supposed to enter the water at shoots etc so been a fun week. A good week for crafting in between dealing with shouts of help from Lee as he decorates his music room, what is it with men can they not do anything without the wife as back up? He was the one that wanted to do the ceiling not me, stupid idea but then again! Men!

Fashionista Tote Bag

In a fun girly print with hearts, butterflies, mirrors, crowns, make up and more, lined with white and an outlined strappy sandal embroidered on the front.

Fashionista Loaf Bags

Using up all the scraps with two large and one small handy loaf bag, these bags are great as they stand all by themselves.

Rose in the News

Saw this idea in paper, making party bags out of newsprint and adding a paper doily to the top to close and wondered what it would look like interpreted in fabric, quite happy a small but perfectly formed bag.

This week working on some more additions to the Parisian Collection, stitched postcard wristlets ideal for days out when only the bare necessities are needed, in linen and bumble bee printed fabric, with roses thrown in for good measure.

That is all Folks have a happy creating week


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Handmade Monday No. 74

Welcome to Handmade Monday hosted by Wendy from Handmade Harbour, check out the wonderful blogs in the linky party.

A New Arrival

With a new baby on the forum I had to make a gift using a new design, baby in a pea pod, so cute.

Rose Hearts

A set of silk rose hearts scented with rose pot pourri, plan to sell these as a set but also as individual with an initial of customers choice. Will add some lavender later.

Kid's Kingdom Hangers

 Fun and colourful for a child's bedroom door

Applique Bird and Flower Totes

I know this fabric may be a bit plain but I love the elegance of grey and ivory, made up 2 school bags and with the cut offs 3 applique stitched tote bags

Polka Dots Loaf Bag

After hunting in shops for a pale blue zip managed to get one off ebay and have come to the conclusion that our local shops now only stock the boring autumnal colours

Countdown to Friendship Day

On the 5th August is Friendship Day so advance warning to maybe add some products for this day during July.Plan to do a tribute to friends on the 4th (Saturday) so does not clash with HM. A linky will be added if you wish to join in.

Happy Crafting

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Handmade Monday No. 73

Welcome to Handmade Monday hosted by Wendy from Handmade Harbour, check out the wonderful blogs in the linky party.

July has arrived, Wimbledon has started and what did we expect with the weather? well kiss of death and it has been raining cats and dogs on an off for weeks. When the sun does appear so grateful to see his cheery face in beautiful crystal clear blue skies.

Now what has been going on at Ocala Towers? well the stitching continues and found this chocolate rose fabric and just had to be bought with fairy frost aqua for the bag flap, a chocolate brown rose embroidered in a toile design.

Fairie Fae appears again this time made into a funky bag with a fabric remnant reminiscent of the 60/70's, handy for a trip out when not too much clutter has to be carried.

Polka Dot Coin Purse

Had been hanging onto this small remnant left over from the school bags, them found in my zip box a collection of small zips, as wanted these for a craft stall staple kept the machine embroidery down to just the words. Fun but for any age and who does not love Polka Dots.

Flower Power Coin Purse

As the polka dot another off cut

Scooter Tote Bags

Again left over from the school bags and could not resist some fun scooter tote bags(4 in total), fully lined with an inner  divided pocket plus a handy out side pocket with elasticated top for a mobile.

New Fabric

Well Fancy Moon fabric has a lot to answer for and I could not resist these wire dress forms with roses! perfect, vintage fashion labels in purple and chocolate brown Eiffel towers.

Have decided to make myself a handbag and wallet out of the dress form fabric, so think may have to buy some more, have been thinking about this for some time as should really use my own creations but just never got around to it. This fabric just spoke to me and as I stitch what could be a better advert, plus my purse is at the end of it's days, in fact a disgrace and not a good look for my street cred to throw coins around the shop floor.

You will also notice a new blog background this week, not sure what happened to the old one but I am loving the roses, so shabby chic and so me.

Happy creating and hopefully back next week