Sunday, 29 April 2012

Almost May

May is here at any change in the weather? No at this time we have wind howling round the house rain tormenting against the windows and one dog who will not go out!

MIL's birthday in June, now I know it is only almost the 1st of May but those that know me well, know that I like to be ahead of the time. She is residing in a nursing home now so hard to buy or even make the perfect gift, due to her dementia she has little perception of time or understanding of everyday items so things have to be kept simple. We have bought a touch lamp hoping that this will make it easier than a switched lamp by her bed but I did make a card. I love these flower month designs and have managed to collect all 12:

A Jubilee Year

Unless you have been hiding under a rock we all know it is the Jubilee Year. 60 years doing the same job! not sure I could have coped unless crafting of course, lol. Wonder if Her Majesty can ever have a OJ day in front of the fire with a good book, film and a box of choccies.. So thinking hat on what to make to celebrate without being too commercialised:

Frame images of London Clutch Bag

London Shopping Bag

Made in oatmeal and red linen, lined with white on white leaf fabric and a shopping theme London embroidery on the flap. Secures with a magnetic closure.

Vintage style jeans print fabric made into a bag of my usual design with shabby chis roses added as embellishment

A fantastic purchase of fabric from ebay for the school bags 46 done only another 10 to go

Not one to waste fabric offcuts a wash bag for the man in your life, linked with waterproof fabric and 'His' embroidery detail with crown.

Off to tackle a dog walk in the pouring rain with one dog who hates getting wet! have a good week.

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One who may shrink if gets wet!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Coming up roses

Another Handmade Monday and another day reading about all the wonderful creations from the previous week with Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts and this is the post that should have been last week before illness intervened. I hate being ill as stops me doing what I love and that is making but hope I have made up for it this week.

The week of the lemons, well not quite but the fabric is the same pattern as the pink from the other week but this time a pinafore with a flower design.

Another wild rose frame bag

Tissue covers

Hearts filled with rose potpourri in both the lemon and pink fabric.

That is it with this fabric pattern design every last scrap used up with hardly any waste now on to another project this time Cupcakes. No embroidery on the pinafore this time as felt the fabric too patterned for the detail to stand out.

Plus carrying on from the rose swan theme a beautiful design from my favourite designer Sonia Showalter of small potpourri bags, the centre has been cut away and replaced with fine voile and thought I would add a few rose petals to the potpourri.

I am having a destash in my work and sewing room starting with CD rome, a chance to pick up a bargain here, once gone not returning.

That is it for this week, now next week thinking Jubilee celebrations, red white & blue,  London......
See you next week same time, same place...

Director of Walks

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Versatile Blogger Award on Handmade Monday

Handmade Monday is here again and I am cheating, sorry no makes this week have caught Lee's man flu only mine is woman's flu and according to the Oracle not as bad! but after being given this award and some of you have a mention thought why not. There are also some new blogs from my US friends who are extremely talented business women so do have a peek.

A big thank you to Jill of Christmas Pie Crafts for the above award, so here goes:

First I have to nominate 15 blogs:

The reason I have chosen these blogs? for their inspirational reads and their creativity amazes

7 things about me?

1. I love murder mystery books found a new author Lee Child fantastic
2. Love my dog Shiloh, he is now known as the velcro dog always sticks to me, lol
3. Love pastel colours
4. Love Vintage
5. Love shabby chic
6. Think I should have been born back in the Victorian era but with the 21st century technology and mod cons and power shower!
7. Am an Apple Mac fanatic and have been for 25 years could not live without my iMac and iPad.

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Bored cos Mum & Dad are poorly and don't understand I feel in perfect health!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Parade

Happy Easter to my wonderful readers, hope by this time you have had your fair share of Easter eggs and not overdone the chocolate consumption. 

What a week weather wise beautiful sunshine, blue skies and hot to the point of not needing a coat to very cold, windy and wet not to mention parts of the UK that had up to 6" of snow! The term "Ne'er cast a clout till May be out" was about right this week, as I can testify hopping in the car to the playing fields then freezing to death whilst the dog flew around like a thing possessed. Still good excuse for a hot chocolate and marshmallows not forgetting the whipped cream, delicious and decadent but perfect and warmed me up a treat.

Do not know what I have done this week seem to have been on the go non-stop but not much in the sewing stakes to show so here goes with my meagre offerings:

The Rose Swan Wedding Collection

Started last week with the ring pillow finished the small frame bag, off course does not have to be for a wedding could be for a special evening out, prom or just because. The 'Just Because' is a wonderful way to buy when an item just speaks to you and just because you can.

Garter this not only holds a small blue bow but also hidden inside the message silver on white satin ribbon: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue perfect for any brides day and all in 100% white silk dupion. Decorated with a rose and small feather design.

Have not added lace to these items as felt not everyone wants lace but watch this space....

Return of the Pinafore

I love pinafores and think for little girls can be worn with or without a t-shirt. These embroidery borders again spoke to me along with the fabric, this one is of ballet shoes.

Not one to waste fabric had to get the most out of each metre a frame bag with 3D Vintage style rose and tissue holders edged with vintage guipure lace trim..

wishing you all a happy creative week and see you all next week for anther Handmade Monday.

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Chief Helper

Sunday, 1 April 2012

An odd week

Odd? because the whole week seemed disjointed somehow, not sure why did some dusting on Thursday, I know those that know me don't faint and aggravated an old riding injury in agony for a few days so not as much done as would have liked but the weekend has been productive. Started my wedding collection only planning on bags and ring cushions atm but hope to widen to a few more accessories later.

Wedding Collection

Rose Swan Collection

I am using silk simply because it adds a touch of luxury to a special day.

Ring Pillow in 100% white silk dupion with machine embroidered swan and organza ribbons for the rings, can be personalised at the top with names and date.

to follow next week a matching framed purse and garter with a delicate rosebud detail and a blue bow hidden inside. Planning on about 6 designs in total and may add 1 or 2 of those in satin but must admit prefer working in silk, so tbc.

Paris Pouch Bag

A pretty Parisienne Pouch made from some more delightful linen printed fabric from my new favourite online shop, not sure about the design was a u-handbag pattern but tbh not easy so for the next one have adapted to my own style, cannot be doing with difficult.

Also experimenting with my photos, got a bit bored with the bland white light box effect so thought I would add some props to make the picture look more interesting, your thoughts?

Downloaded the latest colours from the Trend Bible plus raided Homebase paint colour charts, this gives me a focus on a colour palette, need to get some more for the Sentiment collection think muted greens.

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Have a happy crafting week

In charge of Biccies!