Sunday, 31 January 2016

January has now passed

Got to the end of January and no snow in Hampshire, well just a minuscule bit. Has been windy, rainy and cold at times but know luckier than a lot of people. Always find January such a long month, because after the build up to Christmas not much happens as such. The tv programmes that took a mid season break are coming back and life is now back to normal. 

Opticians this week, have put off and put off but really must get our eyes tested. I just hate the bill that follows, even with special offers never a cheap trip., as need 4 pairs, long distance, computer,sewing and sun glasses.

Makes this week? frilled aprons. I bought this fabric???? cannot remember how long ago but love how they have turned out. Something different and very Vintage and French.

Scarf necklace

Have had this wool for a while, now discontinued and found a shop selling for half price, bought 3 more balls, the same again, black and silver and a sort of purple and beige one. The scarf bails are brilliant and thought the large butterflies went well, as not meant to be delicate.

First meeting at the WI as a member and it was fun, so much better than last time (about 25 years ago), think going to enjoy this 1 evening a month. They have a stitch and bitch group, may have a look, plus a crafting group. Trouble with the latter is not that advanced but may be able to give some suggestions.

Not much else made this week, with the down time am taking things easy and making and enjoying every minute, confirms that production line is not for me.

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See you next week

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Another week of crafting at Chez Ocala

This week has been a bit busy what with doctors follow up appointments, coffee with Jenny, planning projects, posting off the lace champagne bag, one of my OOAK's now sold and at it's new home. However, did finish off the earring designs, now have 12 options all in their posh display case. My Vistaprint order forms have arrived and the labels all done, ready to go to my sister's. Already sold a pair of the green and red apple design, think this could be a good addition to my catalogue.

Display Case

Order Forms

Happy with the display layout and feel looks more professional.

Vintage journal Lavender Sachets

The fabric I bought last week have made into lavender sachets, so pretty and think they will look good on my vintage display stall.

Wooden Flower Hearts

Loved making these as have not used ModPodge for a few years, not to mention the glue gun. Sadly burnt myself a few times with the hot glue but hopefully will get better with more use.

Have some craft items that I am destashing, tried ebay but not working, by the time I have spent ages loading onto the site, sell something with ebay fees, paypal fees might as well have given away. A village near us has table top sales once a month, restarting in March, may give that a go. Also hope to list on my website as you never know.

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See you all next week

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Earrings, Earrings everywhere

This week has been colder and sadly had a funeral to attend on Friday, at least not raining which makes things even more depressing.

I have joined the local WI again! was a member about 20 years ago but not sure why did not enjoy that much, think maybe for our local one too young at the time. Now? must admit so far as a guest have enjoyed it and seems to have moved on from how it was before. This one is very active in all sorts of things to do, not sure will join in all as do not have the time but will go to all the meetings.

Next week meeting up with Jenny Wagstaff owner of Women Only Connected for coffee at Forest Lodge. Jenny started WOC for women in business and had a major problem with the website mid year. She was let down badly and nearly everything was lost but with the help of her son Chris, they have rebuilt  the site and now on a US server, so fingers crossed all goes well.  We have got friendly and it is so good to chat to a like minded individual. If you are a woman in business please take a look at joining WOC, no membership fee and a free advert for your business. You also get the chance to talk to other business women and ask for help. If you joined WOC about June time onwards you will have to re-register, if you want an invitation just drop me a line at:

I mentioned earrings last week, had a job with the photography as nothing seemed to work but now quite happy with the look. 7 pairs so far just another 5 to go. Got to decide do I go for it and spend the money or take it slowly. Using sterling silver ear wires and Swarovski crystals. Decisions, decisions.

Had said I was not going to buy any more fabric but then a newsletter arrived in my inbox and could not resist. Vintage Journal by Makower, have bought a length of the postcards and the beige swallow print. The plan is to make the postcards into lavender sachets. Had thought to back with the swallow print, the rose is my favourite pattern. Hoping to make a frame bag out of the swallow print as well, should manage it, if not will just have to buy some more, lol so bad.

Another newsletter advising of a sale, what did I find? Paris Boutique print fabric, you guessed it bought some of this as well.

I don't know these suppliers tempting me with all sorts of goodies, still does not eat or drink.

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Vintage collection 2016

Still making but have now launched my new products for 2016 on my website. The latest makes a gift wrap bag including tags, string, brown paper and fabric flower toppers. The tags are prety enough to replace a card

A lace patterned knitted scarf, with added embellishments of a diamante pin and a cameo and butterfly pin with faux silk ribbon. These scarfs are decorative rather than for warmth. Have enough wool to knit another the same design, then will move onto something different.

Currently working on a selection of Swarovski earrings Enjoying making them but not going to be cheap as plan to start with 12 designs, stock including the display pair 6 of each, eek!!!!! My sister has offered to give selling them a go, fingers crossed.

This year I am giving a final push to make this business work. At the end of 2016? well will have to do some soul searching. I say this every year and every year my passion for making drives me but tbh after running a business on and off for 37 years think it may get to crunch time. I know we all do it spend money on new ideas and directions but comes a time when you have to step back and be sensible and say 'enough is enough'. The vintage style is my way of going out possibly with a bang.

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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New YearTime for Reflection

Time for Reflection

Christmas is over and now ready for a New Year.  2016 what will this year hold for us?

Lee and I are not ones for shops or sales, January to me is a time to think back over the past year business wise, what has worked, what has not. As my regular readers know I am going back to what I love best and whilst I have completed the business worksheet for 2015 (if you are a member of the Professional Crafters Guild you can download the work sheets every month) know that 2016 holds new adventures.

On a personal note always feel raring to go in a New Year, just thinking all that time ahead to plan, design and stitch for Birthday and Christmas gifts for family and friends plus new makes to add to my website to give a new life blowing through the pages.

2016 is my year to teach myself some new skills plus revisit old ones long forgotten.

New skills: tapestry weaving on a loom, crochet, tambor embroidery.

Revisit: Water colour painting been a long time since done this in fact not since my O level in 1974.

Have you any plans for 2016? something for yourself or your business?

Reflecting have felt that Craft Fairs are not for me, will still do the Christmas fair in Headley (local village) but going to try out Vintage style fairs instead. Tbh have had enough of craft fairs, loading the car, unloading and setting up, being optimistic only to come crashing to earth at the end of the day, pack up, load the car and trundle home. Thinking of the time wasted and what I could have been doing instead. Since getting older (will hit the big 60 in 2017) feel that each minute and hour is precious.

From the website point of view need to work out how to get my site found more. I do get a lot of hits but turning them into sales is another matter. May take a look again at Dawanda and Etsy could never take to Folksy and being tight will not pay exorbitant fees for the likes of NOTH's etc, not that they wanted me, lol.

Plan to take my time making in 2016 and not mass producing, I prefer OOAK's and this way each item will be unique. As going to use a lot of recycled buttons, lace etc this will fit in perfectly.

I wish you all a Happy and prosperous New Year and thank you for reading and commenting in 2015.

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