Monday, 29 September 2008

Show and Tell Monday

Finally finished the order for some gym bags, I supply a local Girls' school. They are made out of curtain remnants all different colours and patterns. Delivered on Friday. Now onto the next project, my friend and neighbours promotional bag, or perhaps not got distracted..........

Not wanting to waste the offcuts have started to make some more totes, hopefully they will prove popular.

My mind is buzzing at the moment and I have so many ideas, just finished designing and printing patterns for my next projects. Dear Sister has booked a Christmas Gift Evening in October so need to make, make, make for that.

Wedding anniversary today (29th Sept), 29 years, have a lovely day planned, with breakfast at Maison Blanc then a home cooked meal, Sea Bass with a prawn and cream sauce with oven roasted potatoes, DH's favourite. Supposed to be going to a Ladies Networking event in the evening, do not think this will happen as will be over the limit with the wine, have to stay in a watch Captain Jack Sparrow munching through some chocolate heaven fruit centred truffles. Can just about force myself to sacrifice the networking for the truffles, hard decision! NOT!

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Whoops posted early!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Show and Tell Monday

Making some promotional bags for this year, what with everyone buying the 'bag for life' thought this would be a good idea for my own version. Practical and a good advert at the same time. I am going to make the tote as shown and a smaller book size, the fabric is unbleached calico, strong but I like the texture and slightly off white colour.

Also made a selection of small jewellery bags with pockets and organza ribbon drawstrings finished with beads at the end of the ribbon. I think several of these in a decorated basket will look extra special on my craft stall at Christmas.

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Monday, 15 September 2008

Christmas crafting is finally underway here in Lindford have made two stockings so far and posted them to my website. More ideas planned for next week.

Went to a Record Fair in Reading today DH managed to find 3 singles that he has been looking for, for some time. This gave me the excuse to visit the local hobbycraft and spend an hour perusing the craft supplies. I was very good and only walked away with a picture frame, which I needed to finish a Christmas Gift for DH's cousin. She is really into Winnie the Pooh, so completed a cross stitch last week with her initial, this is the first Christmas gift made for this year, now onto the next one.

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Monday, 8 September 2008

The Great British Craft Tour

Have just found details of this on a craft forum, check out their travels. Have put in a request for a visit to be included in their tour, check back to see if I have been successful.
The weather this week has been fine if you are a duck but for us humans and a golden retriever, who hates getting wet, has been no fun. Got my self organised to post all my products to my website on Friday, had posted 3 items on Thursday to check okay (shown above). Friday morning comes and nothing works cannot add text nor paypal to my photos, thought I was having a senior moment. Then remembered an upgrade, after email to the software company it appears that they are aware of a problem and are working diligently to correct. Typical, hope this is corrected soon as wanted to post all my Christmas items, still kept busy as my friend dropped off her years worth of accounts to keep me occupied.
The car goes for a service tomorrow, will need a stiff drink after its is picked up when we see the bill. DH has agreed that I can go to Marks and Spencer for a look round and coffee, how the other half live! Then off to the garden centre, half of our plants have taken a real battering with the rain and the baskets are not worth mentioning, looking for some colour to takes us into proper Winter.


Website now working, received a fix beta but still works have just spent the last 2 hours loading everything up along with the paypal buttons.