Friday, 23 April 2021

By the Sea

 Finally finished my latest collection this week, been in the pipeline for a while but those Mermaids finally came out of the deep blue sea to help with the stitching.

I love the sea, gentle waves lapping on the shore line, chiming of the rigging on the boats in a harbour, seagulls soaring overhead. Children laughing and playing happy to be out and about. Ice Cream vendors streaming their happy tunes.

My new collection is in colours of turquoise, blue and sand including gifts and cards.

All in stock in my Folksy Store click here to view

Next project something yellow and happy.

Friday, 12 February 2021

2021 Please let it be better than 2020

Good Morning folks, been a long time since my last blog post and think 2021 should be when I start again and post at least once a month.

Well 2020 has been a dreadful year, news full of doom and gloom, so many people died from this dreadful virus, at least we now have a vaccine and I for one will be having the jab. Been in lockdown since last March and cannot wait to be able to browse the garden centres again, selecting plants for a new garden project. This year will be the year of a raised mini pond with a few small fish. Right in front of the gazebo seat.

During this lockdown have not been idle restarted and finally finished my Poldark cross stitch that DH bought me about 4 years ago. Framed and in the garden room.

Started a sampler style little black dress chart, this will be for my sewing room.

Also been working hard on new collections for my Folksy shop, going back to my shabby chic/vintage styling. Sometimes tempted by modern but deep down I am a vintage girl and can no longer resist the call of lace, beads, sumptuous fabric, threads, designs the list goes on.

One of my plans is after a merging of my work and sewing room was to use all the in stock supplies I have. DH has decided I have enough to have a shop! do not know what he means, lol. Still have to buy a few things though as just need certain items.

Well on with my showcase of new items posted to my Folksy shop so far starting off with 2 styles of brooches and a brooch pillow

Some keepsake cards

Today’s posting an frame full of Inchies, tiny works of art.

All of these creations appear in the ‘Amelia Rose’s Attic’ section. Stepping into Grandma’s attic and finding wonderful trunks filled with beautiful clothes and treasures.

That is it for me for a few weeks, maybe less. 

Stay safe and with this weather stay warm.