Sunday, 29 October 2017

My Birthday Week

Celebrated my Birthday this week a goal post of '60' eek. Still feel 21 but my body tells me different every day. Getting old is not fun but seems only a few months ago I turned 50. My advice is to experience every day, love what you do and only have people around you that are positive.

Enough of the doldrums, what have I been up to this week:

Sunday: Pottered around and rethought the props for my stall, in particular as I will be having a 4ft stall for March and April need to elevate more stock, just about got it sorted.

Monday: Not a lot, caught up on Victoria and Criminal Minds. Oh did make a New Home card for our new neighbours moving in next week.

Tuesday: Had to tend to DH as he was very poorly, he sees his consultant in a couple of weeks, may get some answers then.

Wednesday: Weather improved and went for 2 lovely dog walks, quite warm at times and pleased only wore a wrap and not a coat.

Thursday: Large sheet of paper and brainstormed collections. Sorted out a new project for Friday

Friday: Mr Waitrose delivery. Chef pot holders

Saturday: My Birthday, had wonderful cards and gifts, lovely lunch and watched the latest Pirates of the Caribbean, bliss.

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Sunday, 22 October 2017

A lot of work but cannot show yet

Another week ever nearer Christmas. Been busy making gifts and cards for F & F, cannot post images yet until early January, which reminds me must take some pic's before posted off.

Succumbed and bought some fabric, I have a plan they will be turned into something girly, pamper and restful, all will be revealed next week.

Stretchy lace

Need to resort my stock and swap some props as not happy with some of the layout at my event, will use the 3 tiered wire baskets for the hair bows as felt they could not be seen properly.

Weather has not been good with the incessant rain then Storm Brian, at least did not get as bad as Ireland.

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Until next week, have fun!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

A week of a bit of this and that, plus first event of the year

Another week in my crafting world. The trees are turning but the colours are fantastic.

Sunday: Check blog and publish, start blog for next week (well this week if you are now reading my exploits)

Monday: Snowmen treat bags in calico

Tuesday: Went to M & S simply food this morning, more goodies bought for Christmas

Wednesday: Trying to sort out the display for the bunting.......

Happy with it now, after doing thought should have got a printed version from Vistaprint, maybe next year

Thursday: A Birthday card for Lee's cousin

Friday: Birthday card for one of Lee's friend's

Plus loaded up the car with all my stock and props for Saturday, had to hunt for the flask as not where it should have been!!!!

Saturday: First event of the year

Photo not that good as can never hold the phone steady. A good event, everyone friendly visitors and stallholders alike, typical of a Hampshire village. Managed my goal of 3 times the rent so a happy bunny. Tomorrow plan to start on some Christmas gifts for friends and family.

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Until next week......

Saturday, 7 October 2017

October, flu jabs and more or maybe less!

Welcome to another week in my world, of ups and downs, this week more down as have aggravated an old riding injury. Started the week off okay though:

Sunday: Pricing stock for the fairs. This took ages and continues for several days, have now added pricing to my 'To Do' list of new makes as I go along. A thankless task. Still have boxes of stock but as they are web based not as bothered but at some point am going to have to bite the bullet, so to speak.

Monday: More of the same, see Sunday and sort into baskets etc. This way makes it easier when unpacking at an event, a lot quicker.

Tuesday: Met up with Jenny who runs Women only Connected for coffee and chat, had a lovely morning.

Got home to find that Lee had started to mow the back lawn, caught the cable under a stone and ripped said cable out of the mower. At the same time fusing half the house. Ordered a new mower which arrived same day, this time cordless and he is now a happy bunny. Also means I do not have to have the windows open to allow for the extension and free to death in the house.

Idiot that I am I lifted the old mower into the boot of the car, to take up the dump, my hip and back go. Been hobbling around in agony for most of the week.

Wednesday: Still in pain and cannot sit or lay down for long, Movelat getting good use.

Thursday: Feeling better today and managed to complete an order for some bunting and book collection. Forgot to take pictures, slap on wist.

Friday: Waitrose delivery and everything in stock! Yay!!. Made up 2 'I love my cat bags' and added the charms to the dog ones and cats as finally arrived.

Went for a walk half way round thought Lee would have to go and get the car, back bad again.

Saturday: So far so good pain wise, couple of panadol's helped. Made up a doggie bandanna for an order, packaged and posted off on the way for our flu jabs.

Checked blog up to date, the first thing I saw was a blank page! had filled nothing in this week at all.

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Until next week

Sunday, 1 October 2017

October has arrived

Well Autumn is well and truly here but I do love this time of year, providing no rain. Crisp mornings, dog walking through crunchy leaves, the mist rising from the ground, squirrels frantically charging around to collect for their winter hibernation. I think we are lucky to have four seasons to look forward to, if hot all the time would get a bit boring and let's face it as Brits we would have nothing to moan about.

Firstly had to show a beautiful piece of work by 2 fellow crafters. Pete turns the wood and Mo decorates. In this case a beautiful wedding platter. Their work can be found here: Bodrighy Wood

Okay my crafting diary as follows;

Sunday: Check blog is okay to publish, copy images of new makes to paypal app.
On the making front some Christmas Cards. Done on the embroidery machine then stitched to card blanks with a zig zag stitch. Simple but different. These are the first 2 designs, another 3 to do.

Monday: More Christmas Cards

Tuesday: A day of wandering round Country Market for some apples, Forest Lodge for some evergreen plants for the porch and finally Frensham Garden Centre to check out the farm shop and anything else they had on display.

Wednesday: Not sure what happened to Wednesday but nothing to show for it. Oh yes got an order for some letter bunting, ordered the fabric.

Thursday: fabric for the bunting arrived but did not like the so called ivory with red spots, actually a cream, more searching online. However, the Christmas fabric arrived for the final card design:

Friday: Photographing the cards and adding to my paypal app along with some other makes for my event in 2 weeks.

Saturday: Two I love my dog bags, still have the cats to do.

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Next week have got to start sorting my stock and props for the fair on the 14th Oct. Although just under 2 weeks to go this is part of my new regime to be ready and prepared well before the day. Have left until the day before and that is hectic, then realise forgotten something when I get to the hall.

Until next week, have fun!