Sunday, 22 October 2017

A lot of work but cannot show yet

Another week ever nearer Christmas. Been busy making gifts and cards for F & F, cannot post images yet until early January, which reminds me must take some pic's before posted off.

Succumbed and bought some fabric, I have a plan they will be turned into something girly, pamper and restful, all will be revealed next week.

Stretchy lace

Need to resort my stock and swap some props as not happy with some of the layout at my event, will use the 3 tiered wire baskets for the hair bows as felt they could not be seen properly.

Weather has not been good with the incessant rain then Storm Brian, at least did not get as bad as Ireland.

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Until next week, have fun!


  1. Girly, pampery and and restful... i"m intrigued! Thanks for stopping by at Handmade Monday, I love seeing what you are up to each week.


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