Sunday, 14 April 2019

Handmade Monday #122

Welcome to another week in my creative life. The plan is still working and doing well for me.


Some more dog cards this time Golden Retriever and Labradoodles.


Beagle and German Shepherd


Cocker and Springer Spaniel


As only needed a small shop this week had to fit in a trip to Waitrose. 
As in the right , well a slight detour, direction the car took itself to the Avenue Nurseries in Lasham, lol. Well it is Spring and the garden needs some colour.


Another set of dog cards, almost at the end this time West Highland Terrier and Dachshunds


Finally finished the dog cards Boxer and Schnauzer

That is it for me this week but have started some more knitting, more of a winter piece but can always put by for next year. Plus doing a stock take and ensuring every item has a price tag, is on the Paypal app, stock list. Then can sort what I am taking to the fair in May.

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Until next week

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Handmade Monday #121

1st April and no jokes, think being a Monday a lot of people forgot about it. Popped out to drop of a parcel from a sale on Etsy, via the farm shop for some odds and ends. Coffee and then settled down to make 3 tote bags. Found this curtain fabric in my stash, not sure how long I have had it or what I bought it for. Now some handy tote bags in a rose or polka dot print. Fully lined with pink poly cotton.

Bags are so handy now and fabric so much better than plastic. On my Folksy shop priced at £7.50

Tuesday makes. Now I love buttons and vintage style. Again have had these buttons for some time and had to make into a pretty card. 

On my Folksy shop priced at £2.00

Wednesday Make. Pink Unicorn Girl's Skirt

Who does not love unicorn's?

On Folksy here

Keeping up the daily makes today (Thursday) an Alice tea bag sachet card, a different way to say thank you. Folksy shop

A quiet Friday apart from dog food delivery, almost need a fork lift truck for a month's supply, lol. Carrying on the theme of tea this time a cute tea bag gift holder, holds 2 tea bags.

Also cut a mount for a picture as a gift for DH and a bookmark cannot show before his Birthday, just in case he has a sneeky peek. Clue Game of Thrones.

Saturday? Doggy cards Yorkshire Terrier and King Charles Spaniels

Sunday more doggy cards Jack Russell and Highland Terrier

French Bulldog and Pug

Had a sale for a Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier and a Pug. As part of the same order a special design of a white/cream Cockapoo

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As you may have gathered form my daily posts, am trying to make something however small every day. The secret is in the planning or in my jumble of a brain. So far working not sure will keep up every day but makes me feel good to see progress.

I have also mentioned about closing my website and only using Folksy with the occasional posting to Etsy. I am loving the freedom found uploading stuff to the website so time consuming. Now can create, photograph, price and Folksy. So easy have more time to craft!!!!

As been busy this week and completed my tasks for each day. Giving myself Sunday afternoon off to watch Victoria on download.

See you next week

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Books, books and more books my haven

I love books and can never get enough of them. Admit to not reading them all, at the moment but I will get through them gradually. I have a large library of craft books and having read an article in my favourite magazine 'Victoria' by Writer in Residence Carole Rizzoli on Sunday made me realise I am not alone. 

I do remember the first books I read, Briar Rose by James H Fassett. My Mother always read to me at night. One evening my Dad went past my bedroom and heard me reading, he called to Mum to come and watch. She noticed that yes I was reading word for word but had the book upside down! Over the years I this had become my favourite book and had managed to learn all the words by heart. Loved the Famous Five and Secret Seven, anything that had a bit of mystery.

This genre carried on with me until about 8 years ago when for some reason my reading changed, still love Agatha Christie's Miss Marple. Now love books that involve a business Vanessa Greene, Caroline Roberts and Jane Linfoot to name 3. Prefer something a bit more genteel not so vivid as a modern murder mystery. Also love Auto Biographies and over Christmas read Jo Malone.

Now going back to books, Craft books in particular. I have plenty do sort them sometimes and pass to the local Charity shop. Has to be a book. Something that you can open with the spines all crisp and intact. An iBook does not cut it and find this way of reading boring, whilst a book in an armchair with the fire alight, cup of coffee to hand is perfect.

Have most of the books published by the Stampington magazine 'Women In Business', see a trend here? Love to read about other craft women, see their studio's and the path they have followed. What inspires them and how against adversity carry on going.

Do you have books? or prefer and iPad or Kindle? Do you remember your first books?

Read Carole's article Here