Sunday, 17 June 2018

On Holiday at home

Well back into crafting have not been around for a while as took a break. Got very despondent after my last event in May and did wonder what I was doing it all for. The stallholders outnumbered the buyers and those buyers never opened their wallets. Dire!  On the plus side had a couple of sales on my Etsy shop, so not all bad.

About 3 weeks ago heard DH huffing and puffing in the garage as he tried to tidy up, thought better go and help twisted and my back went. Been to the chiropractor but still painful if I move in the wrong direction. The mornings are bad as so stiff from sleeping. However, it is getting better during the day, could not even walk when I first did it. All part of getting old. Our neighbour has done similar so we can compare aches and pains, lol. 

The back also got me to take the break and did not feel so guilty as had an excuse. Had a long talk with DH who has some very wise words at time, lol. He said give myself a break until September then review if I want to carry on. Craft if I want to but not because I have to, he felt at the end of the day enjoy myself doing what I want to do. Not tied to having to make for website, blog posts etc. I think he was right as have started to craft again, my mind is clear with the direction I want to go in and apart from my local Christmas fairs, events in the diary.

Okay makes for the past few weeks

New baby cards

New Baby gift box set

Unicorn Age Cards

Eiffel Tower Hanging Ornaments

Eiffel tower and Swarovski crystal earrings

Paw Earrings

Had a disarrster on Friday, suddenly realised that the copy of my website on the server was from March! The company who host have gone over to a new server and must have done a hard copy back in March. The reviews online were bad. Anyway contacted them and I had to download cyberduck to upload my website, well did not work and now my website has gone into the unknown. Had a bad day and night (Fri/Sat), woke up and made the decision to go with the software company I use. Have started a 2 week free trial, went in set up and loaded within 2 minutes. Whilst I wait for the EPP code for my domain name an using: for the next 2 weeks. May even keep this just not sure as all my stationery etc is printed with the old one. 

These things are meant to try us. The other problem was cyberduck is all html, so to amend the site is a nightmare, have to have it simple for me, lol.

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Until next time, may be next week or next month, Enjoy!