Friday, 23 August 2013

Strawberry Sampler

I am joining in The Ribbon Girl blog challenge this week, so many wonderful entries. 
The title is the colour Red. 
My offering a new start to a collection for 'Country Kitchen' a linen gingham pillow with an alphabet sampler and strawberries stitched onto white with a hint of silver. Can just see pine dressers piled with mismatched china, replicated on the solid kitchen table all ready for tea. An Aga with the dog asleep taking all the warmth, waiting for a hungry family to descend, a vintage feel all around.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Rain, Rainbows and a Challenge Winner.

A mixed week both on the weather front and the creating. I have decided to enter the Craft Forum summer show in the section: Over the Rainbow sponsored by Jane from Just Soaps.
The CF hold these shows at least twice a year but this is the first time I have been brave enough to enter, I do sponsor a section this time: Gardens of Delight. Open for exhibits until 31st August at which time the curtains will close and then the voting commences

Rainbow Butterfly Personalised Plaque

I love the cheeky rainbow winged fairy can just imagine her/him zooming around the garden causing mischief all day and think this one could be the culprit for missing garden tools that you know you have only just put down but not where you left them.

I entered a blog challenge in July with Terrys Fabric's submitting 2 cushion covers shown previously on my blog. Forgot all about it, as you do,  then got a wonderful email to say I had won, first and 7th placings, more details here: Terrys Fabric's

Have done a bit more creating for Christmas Fairs, oh no I have gone and said it now the dreaded 'C' word this means in a blink of an eye the goose will be fat, decorations up and the day upon us. My plan had been to do Christmas in July but think this may creep into September. Trying to be super organised this year, okay get up off the floor not that funny! and do Birthday cards and gifts well in advance of the due date along with yes you heard it here 'Christmas Gifts'
For inspiration in the card making front take a look at Apple Crafts Card Gallery and if in Lincolnshire pop along to Kim's shop in Chapel St Leonards a haven of creating goodies and great customer service. I know I am biased as Kim is such a dear friend but she truly makes wonderful cards and she has worked so hard at her shop that she deserves all the praise  and promotion I can give her.

Off to add to my 'To Do' lists and plan for next weeks projects.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Birthday Cards and a walk through our village

This past week has been odd one minute wall to wall sunshine and hot, hot, hot then in a blink of an eye overcast and muggy then turns dreary and rain with thunder and lightening. Wish the weather would make up it's mind but grateful for it being a bit cooler, just cannot work when too hot.

Preparing for a couple of Birthday's and trying to be ahead of the game, or in this case ahead of the date. Twofold as 1. The post is appalling at present, think must be the school holiday's and 2. If I do not do when I remember will panic 2 days before the due date.

One for a sea lover:

Folk Art Flowers:

I love the simplicity of this design without being too busy.

We walk the dog 3 times a day and try to vary the direction each time, just for interest for us rather than Shiloh as sure he is not bothered which way we go. So join me on our first walk of the day through the Ford by the Mill, then back across the river before heading for home, approx 2 miles in total and when warm this is such a cooling route, love the sound of water. 

Walking makes me appreciate where I live and amazing what you can find on your own doorstep if you abandon the car and let your feet do the travelling. Off to research some more walks thank goodness for Ordnance Survey maps.

Have a good week Folks