Sunday, 15 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Not long now and are you ready? we are decorations up, pressies wrapped, cards done and posted, menu's prepared just need to print off and then eat drink and be merry.

David Bailey I am not but this gives you a feel could just do with some of the white stuff outside and even better and should have lit the fire.

My helper! Shiloh

Just realised he almost matches the new carpet, could be good for the moulting seasons.

Have a very Happy Christmas and here's hoping for a prosperous New Year, well better than the last would be good. What do you do over the Christmas holiday? between Boxing Day and New Year I get out the journals and start to plan for next year, things I want to make, new directions, new beginnings, new experiences, hopefully making each day count as a special day.

Happy Christmas

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Last event of the year

Headley Village Christmas Fair is my last event of the year, held always at the end of November feel it ends my working year (away from home that is) my website is still up and running along with an online fair with Supermums. This is a lively event with friendly stallholders and customers, Christmas music playing, mulled wine and delicious smells of baked goodies wafting from the cafe area, does my waistline no good but as my waist disappeared years ago........ May be small approx 20 stalls but you can never beat the atmosphere and think if everyone is happy it rubs off onto us all. A special performance by the Arford Bells, a bell ringing group all helps with the festive spirit.

Rustic plaques with quirky sayings from Under the Oak Tree, delicious scents from Neal's Yard, photography of beautiful UK wildlife, scrummy preserves by Sue, wonderful watercolours of the local area by Wendy, Christmas cards and crackers by Pauline, not to mention the delicious cakes, shortbreads and fudge.

Headley Village Hall is just off the village green and this event is organised by Jo, he has been doing this for quite a few years now and this event is a joy to exhibit at and visit.

Today (Sunday) is our first day of Christmas the tree and decorations go up, I can sit and write out the cards all to the background of seasonal music, fire alight, bliss. We always have a Chinese meal on the 1st not cooked by me but courtesy of Marks and Sparks, washed down with a cool glass of White Grenache from California, delicious. Next week begins checking what we have in stock for edibles and making sure my lists are up to date, all I can say is thank goodness for Waitrose and their grocery deliveries not sure what I would do without them. If I go to the store end up with things I don't need  and forget the items I do, whilst online seem to be more focused.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

A break from crafting

The past week has been busy not with crafting but the personal stuff that gets in the way of being creative. Saying that had to take a picture of this beautiful tree near our home, just starting to show it's Autumnal colours.

Sadly whilst no rain it was blowing a gale at the time so looks a bit lop sided. The picture also does not do it justice but with the sun out the colours glistened.

Those of you that know me know I love books, kindles? not for me I know they are convenient especially if on a daily commute but I have to have a book. This is the first book by Joanna Sheen in collaboration with Julia Wherrel called ' A Sticky End'

Set in a village in Devon in the lead role Victoria West, she inherits a cottage from her Aunt but soon becomes embroiled in a suspicious death. Right up my street and as a big fan of Joanna's had to have the signed edition. Not started to read yet as plan to set an afternoon aside, the fire lit, box of choccies and peace to sit and read. Love to read when cold outside as seems so much more special, although I do read anytime, any where, any place but some books you just have to set aside special time.

The next find this week is a new publication called 'Dapne's Diary'. Happened upon this in the new's agents and just by the cover alone had to buy. A magazine with a hint of romantic times, written like a diary about the author's love of antiques, vintage and more and her weekend trips to cities in Europe, such as London and Paris sourcing brocante items. Comes out every 6 weeks, have not found a subscription site yet but will make sure I get the next one.

That is all folks for this week, currently beavering away at my new collection 'The Bridal Boutique' only 2 weeks now until the wedding fair in Catherington, Hampshire and have quite a bit to do. Why do I always leave until the last minute? must get myself organised next year and try to be ahead of the game. Start each year with a resolution that I am going to plan but get so distracted with new fabric, designs, ideas that it goes out the window. Forgot one last buy which should help me in my former dilemma: 

Saw this on a blog and yes Amazon did have in stock in the UK, the plan? well to read and complete and be prepared in 2014.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Liss Triangle Monthly Market

My second attempt at the Liss market and not too bad, quieter than I think most of us would have hoped but then the weather was awful. Got drenched just taking a box of stock back to the car at the end and must admit if I did not have to go out would have stayed inside in the warm. A lovely lady who wanted some of the golf towels came back as promised from last month, she was happy and now has 3 of her Christmas gifts sorted. Oh the joys of the British weather.

Must admit not sure about this event, I do try to give new events at least 3 tries but as the November date clashes with a long running fair I have been going to my decision is based on just the 2 days. After consideration think that will be it, maybe I am getting too old to deal with the argy bargy to get a table and would rather have a more sedate approach. Next year my plan is to be more internet based I get less stressed as does the husband and not to mention the dog, who seems to think we should be in a pack of 3 at all times 24/7.

A couple of snaps to give a flavour of the morning not exactly a Harrods at sale time type crush:

This week making a start on the 2 ring pillow samples plus some silk covered horseshoes, you never know may have some makes to show in my next post.

I also have a new logo and a fresh look to my website and blog, gone away from colour and kept simple. The reviews so far is that the new look is liked, less fussy

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

On a Roll

  Surname Applique Initial 

A special gift for a wedding or anniversary, a keepsake of a special day. Brown and gold letter appliqued onto natural linen, embroidered in brown.

Holly Lace Angels

Delicate machine embroidered lace Angels with nativity scene edged with holly, and a silver or gold star. Beautiful on a Christmas tree or to decorate place settings at the Festive time.

Ballerina Back Packs

Saw this fabric and it spoke to me, adding more pink, embroidered ballerina and appliqued slippers, perfect for all those dance classes

Ballet Mask Decoration

A bit of a theme this week and what little girl does not like the ballet

Halloween Rosettes

I am getting quite addicted to Rosettes, you can do so much with them and with all the cute ribbons around crying out to be used, well what can I say?

Attending the monthly market at the Liss Triangle Centre on Saturday (19th October 9.30 to midday) if in the area please pop in and say Hello.

That's all folks for another week, will be posting some pic's of the market next Sunday then making some more samples for the Wedding Fair, only 4 weeks away now, how time flies when you are having fun.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Been a while .....

Seems so long ago that I blogged and for me that is sooooo bad, life just got in the way and have been so busy creating and playing nursemaid to my DH. Hopefully back to normal now. My last event at Liss Triangle Centre was very good and due there again on the 19th, this time must remember my camera to take some snaps.

Well what have I been up to?  Preparing for Christmas and a Wedding Fair. There you go have gone and said the 'C' word and to make things worse have added a countdown widget to my blog not to mention Halloween. Where does the time go? Have said before am sure as I get older there are less hours in the day or maybe as my DH said I have slowed down and not going out to work can put off until tomorrow and we all know tomorrow never comes

The Bridal Boutique

Not completed all the samples of the ring pillows but have done the bride and groom hearts, plus 'Bride to Be' rosette a must have for a hen night.

Joyeaux Noelle

Candy cane snowmen and Santa's fun to hang on the tree or for those end of term gifts.

Pink Santa gift bags, now I love Pink and this image is so cute

To help Santa out the key to the North Pole workshop, this may disappear on Christmas Eve as Father Christmas will need access to collect all the gifts

Whilst I will be selling the North Pole tags complete with key am happy to supply the tags on their own and then you can add your own ribbon and charm.

Have a happy Autumnal week and will be back next week with some more handmade gifts

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Rose and Cinnamon Hearts

Another week and not long before panic sets in for both the wedding fair on the 9th November and Christmas fairs starting this month, eek...... think may get away with another month before I bring out the Xmas product line but the time goes so quickly.

Carrying on from The Country Kitchen Collection the other week have added some rose and cinnamon hearts. All made in printed linen in gingham or spot. I love the smell of cinnamon and nothing better than a hot slice of cinnamon toast, delicious, a real scent of Christmas or any time.

Bridal Boutique

Well finally went and did it, got invited to a wedding fair at All Saints in Catherington, in deepest Hampshire on the 9th November. A new venue for me but understand they have been holding for some time. I think the church holding this sort of event is such a good idea, as brides can see the church, hall for the reception plus look at all the goodies on display. Starting as I mean to go on this is the first of at least 2 dozen, all sizes a pretty garter

The flowers were made by myself from scratch and very happy with the results, my favourite is the frilled cream one all done in a crinkle silk effect ribbon, with a pearl diamante centre, so pretty.

Have started a new notebook for the Bridal product line and I love stationery, cannot pass a notebook without picking up and buying, think this must be an addiction. The hardest bit is to actually use them, what am I like?

Back next week with hopefully some more makes to show and tell

Friday, 23 August 2013

Strawberry Sampler

I am joining in The Ribbon Girl blog challenge this week, so many wonderful entries. 
The title is the colour Red. 
My offering a new start to a collection for 'Country Kitchen' a linen gingham pillow with an alphabet sampler and strawberries stitched onto white with a hint of silver. Can just see pine dressers piled with mismatched china, replicated on the solid kitchen table all ready for tea. An Aga with the dog asleep taking all the warmth, waiting for a hungry family to descend, a vintage feel all around.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Rain, Rainbows and a Challenge Winner.

A mixed week both on the weather front and the creating. I have decided to enter the Craft Forum summer show in the section: Over the Rainbow sponsored by Jane from Just Soaps.
The CF hold these shows at least twice a year but this is the first time I have been brave enough to enter, I do sponsor a section this time: Gardens of Delight. Open for exhibits until 31st August at which time the curtains will close and then the voting commences

Rainbow Butterfly Personalised Plaque

I love the cheeky rainbow winged fairy can just imagine her/him zooming around the garden causing mischief all day and think this one could be the culprit for missing garden tools that you know you have only just put down but not where you left them.

I entered a blog challenge in July with Terrys Fabric's submitting 2 cushion covers shown previously on my blog. Forgot all about it, as you do,  then got a wonderful email to say I had won, first and 7th placings, more details here: Terrys Fabric's

Have done a bit more creating for Christmas Fairs, oh no I have gone and said it now the dreaded 'C' word this means in a blink of an eye the goose will be fat, decorations up and the day upon us. My plan had been to do Christmas in July but think this may creep into September. Trying to be super organised this year, okay get up off the floor not that funny! and do Birthday cards and gifts well in advance of the due date along with yes you heard it here 'Christmas Gifts'
For inspiration in the card making front take a look at Apple Crafts Card Gallery and if in Lincolnshire pop along to Kim's shop in Chapel St Leonards a haven of creating goodies and great customer service. I know I am biased as Kim is such a dear friend but she truly makes wonderful cards and she has worked so hard at her shop that she deserves all the praise  and promotion I can give her.

Off to add to my 'To Do' lists and plan for next weeks projects.