Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Losing that Creativity

Well we have all been there and got the T-shirt, beavering away at being creative then along comes the brick wall, grind to a halt and wonder 'where did that come from?'. No amount of concentration, talking to ourselves to the point that even the dog thinks we have gone mad.

I love this post on the Stampington Blog by Vanessa Valencia: 

Some tips I have done before but this post made it normal that you are not odd to hit a creative void, just all part of the process of being creative.

Thank You Vanessa and Stampington.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Another Arrival

Daphne's Diary

Issue 3 has arrived and every bit as good as the first 2. I love the style of this magazine and some excellent projects on the inside. Sorry to say but so much better than the UK ones, sadly every new UK publication that appears on the shelves I buy, only to feel let down by content and layout. Leaves me thinking save my money next time yet the US and now this Dutch publication are brimming with good content, not treating the reader as if in kindergarten. Accepting that sometimes we do want and expect more from publications.

You can get in WH Smiths but prefer to order from Unique Magazines

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It's Arrived

The latest edition of 'Where Women Create Business'

I love this magazine from Stampington and not being out every month feel I can justify spoiling myself. Nothing more inspirational than reading about other women in business.

Available from Rainbow Silks in the UK

I have to set aside time to sit with a cup of tea in anticipation of turning the first page. This publication never disappoints and all I can say is if you love business then give it a try, you never know you may become hooked as I am. Check out an online taster here

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Love is in the air

Feel like bursting into song now, 1978 now that dates me.....

Valentines fast approaches and the plan this year to be prepared in advance, well working so far. Wanted to make and post to my website by the 14th January and all done:

Valentines pocket card, stitched onto white felt in red and silver, backed with red cotton and has a pocket with a lace printed card to add a message

So pretty this is a bookmark miniature photo frame, pink felt with glitter hearts

Diamante love message rose sachet

Rose gift cone, ideal for a treasured gift

Love heart bunting for decoration.

I always feel that Valentines day is so close to Christmas and seems to be upon us in a blink of an eye, noticed the shops are already decked with red hearts.

Starting on Birthday gifts now for a family member, again this is all part of my new regime. Have a large calendar with each event scheduled for the year. Next date:

Mothering Sunday 29th March - launch date 28th February. if not before.

Have a very happy week with much creating and fun

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2014, perhaps now we have lost the unlucky 13 bit 2014 will be better for so many of us. I do not make resolutions as such as know that they tend to be forgotten by mid January, however, do have a plan and this time a written one. Taking each month as it comes looking into the next month to see what is going on, in this case Valentines day. List of items to make and must have the done by the 14th January, photographed, detailed and posted to my website. I know I may drift off my path but making sure that I have reminders to put me straight again.

I love a New Year feels like the slate has been wiped clean a bit like new text books at the start of term. Pristine pages, so to speak, just waiting for new crafting creations to be imagined and interpreted into new gifts and cards. Yes this year I am going back to making cards and a few other ideas of embroidered card toppers to open up a new section on the Carolee Crafts website: The Craft Room. A place to open the door and find treasures to embellish cards and other makes. So much to do and experience in a long year stretching ahead, fun things to think about such as backing cards, logo's, packaging and more. 

Again a very warm welcome to 2014 and all it holds in it's 365 pages, to be opened just one page at a time, please come along on my journey and maybe make a journey of your own to.