Monday, 30 June 2008

Have just posted some hand knitted scarves onto my ETSY shop, each one is gathered into the ends and embellished with glass beads.

These scarves are light weight and ideal for the summer for everyday or evening wear.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Mother-In-Laws Birthday Gift and Card

Tuesday was the day and after all the hard work my Mum-In-Law loved the lap quilt and card. Embroidered by machine as well as the patchwork it took about 16 hours in all but was worth every minute.

The day was sunny and the lunch went down well, sitting out in the garden surrounded by the roses with a cup of tea in the afternoon was just perfect. Our dog Barney finally sat still long enough for a photo session, had to take 7 before he looked in the right direction. He is always looking to see what trouble he can get into. Waste paper baskets 'beware of the dog'.

Working on a blue and white quilt now, which my sister has her eyes on. Hope you visit again soon.