Monday, 30 August 2010


Show and tell Monday with Make Mine Pink


Over a period of many years I have cut out and collected pictures/articles from magazines, keeping them in pretty journals for a rainy day or when needing some inspiration.
Love to look at the designs and colours, how what is in fashion rotates in a circle, frequently ending up where it started. Had a wonderful day on Sunday relaxing and browsing through 4 of my packed to the brim journals, remembering the years past and what I was doing at the time.

Having tidied my sewing room, so the sofa is now visible, I have a special place to sit and dream and get some inspiration for a week of stitching ahead.

Friday, 27 August 2010

By The Sea

Blog Hop Friday

This is a new venture for SHC members a themed blog hop Friday to take us into the
Bank Holiday weekend of 'By The Sea'

My contribution is a seaside tote, fully lined with a zipped pocket on the inside for any valuables and an open pocket on the outside, the straps measure approx 30" with a 15" drop, overall size approx 10" X 10" X 3"also comes with a bag charm with sunglasses, flip flops and sun charms

Check out the other blogs with the Seaside Themes and let's keep our fingers crossed for some decent weather this weekend.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Yay! I can see the floor!

Show and Tell Monday
A tidy sewing room

Well I finally did it, you can now see the floor, let alone the sofa and the table tops. Shall I shan't I? spent ages thinking about it, then got stuck in on Saturday, just the large landing cupboard and my workroom downstairs to do, then the rest of the house!!!! Oh no says Lee and Barney! is my basket area safe Dad? or am I next out the door?

I now have a place to sit and read, hand stitch or just to relax, a work area I can see and an organised cupboard full of fabric treasures.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

An the winner is......

Thank you for all leaving a comment on my blog this week.
The time has come to announce the winner of the give away, every entry has been nominated a number, in this case 1 to 14 and the winning number drawn out of the hat is 2, so the winner is GAIL

Check out Gail's website, where you will find beautiful treasures for you or to gift.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Spare a Thought

Show and Tell Monday with Make Mine Pink

Spare a Thought

Those of my online friends that know me, know that my MIL moved into a nursing home in early July, she has dementia along with a physical disability that dictates she needs 24 hour care.
She is happy in the home and has settled in well.

The point of this blog post is about dreams and aspirations regardless of your age, dreams you have had, have and hope to have in the future.

On a visit to a local garden centre the other day I purchased my coffee and went to find a quiet table, I passed an elderly lady sitting on her own, quite happy with her pot of tea, I acknowledged her and smiled (a smile costs nothing), her face lit up and her reaction really touched me.

A while later a group of young women probably in their 20's/30's arrived with children from babes in arms to about 4/5 years old. Their reaction to this lady was totally different, they looked at her, she smiled and they chose to ignore her, no expression, no acknowledgment, she carried on with her tea, after a while the children seemed drawn to her and chatted quite easily, oblivious of her age.

This made me think even more that some of our current society so often sweeps older people under the carpet and feels that they no longer have anything worth while to contribute. On returning to the home to collect DH I looked at the residents with renewed light and saw their faces light up at a smile and also on the entrance of a visitor in the hopes that it may be for them or just a familiar face. In a society where some people seem to think they are the only ones worthwhile, to just stop, think and spare a thought that everyone, however old still have feelings, still have dreams, the latter may never be filled due to the race of time but they are entitled to acknowledgment. One day we will too be old (in my case now 52, nearer than I would like) and I too hope that I will get a smile from a stranger whilst enjoying a cup of tea.

With this post in mind I am doing a give-away of a rose scented door sachet, In shabby Chic Style, shades of pink with a cup of tea, hand appliqued on the front and the wording 'Dream' embroidered, this sachet measures approx approx 8" X 6" with a ribbon for hanging.
(Will ship to the US)

Closing date for your chance to win is Thursday 5th August, will be shipped on Friday 6th.

Just leave a comment for your chance to win.