Monday, 30 November 2009

Show and Tell Monday


A beautiful day on Saturday, cold but wall to wall sunshine. A perfect morning for the Village Christmas Fayre and knew the dry weather would draw in the customers. The morning went well and there was a steady stream from 10:00am onwards, everyone packed up and went home happy at 1:00pm. Promised to take some pic's of my stall, bit of a fiasco this, packed the camera, yes! went to use it , message that the batteries needed changing, could not believe it, then found some batteries in the bottom of one of my packing bags, do not know how they got there must have been the battery fairy helping out. Could not get far enough away to do the whole stall, so had to take in two parts.

Came home and had an internet order waiting for the blue and white cafetiere appliqued cosy.

Had made these swarovski trees for ornaments but DS wanted a pair made up into earrings.

A busy, bust week to look forward to and not much time to stitch. check out the other MMP blogs for all the latest stories and shows.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Show and Tell Monday

Cupcakes and Confectionery

Another week and yet ever nearer to Christmas. gearing up to our local Christmas Fair on Saturday, leaving DH in charge of one overgrown naughty dog. Wanted a change this week and after the success of a cupcake theme at DS's open house have added some more cupcakes and confectionery to my portfolio. Cupcake bags and raspberry ripple sweet scented sachets, not forgetting some cupcake gift cards.

And just look at the weather, (from my sewing room window) this is forecast for the next few days. The ring necked doves are desperately trying to get some shelter in the trees, this is just 3 of them have just counted 21 including the other trees.

Have a good week everyone and don't forget to check out the other clogs at MMP.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Portsmouth Harbour

Visited Gunwharf yesterday (Tuesday) supposedly to do some shopping, came away with nothing in our bags but the weathr was beautiful and the sea air blew away the cobwebs. Thought I would take some pictures for you to hopefully enjoy our trip as well.

The Spinnaker Tower a 170metere visiotr attraction overlooking Portsmouth Harbour, you can go up to the top.

A view of the harbour from the shopping centre

The yellow ship is the Isle of Wight Ferry just about to depart

The sea is calm today and looks beautiful

And then onto Port Solent a small shopping Marina about 3 miles away, unfortunately the small gift shops that used to abound are now all closed, very sad just restaurants galore. Times have changed everywhere.

Must not forget the craft store, my basket was laden and had to stagger back across the wastes of the car park with my buys, lol.

Have a good week everyone and happy crafting.

Friday, 13 November 2009

A Chocolate Win

I won a blog give-away of Galaxy chocolate and cake bars, Yumm!!! at Lazy Daisy Glass blog, check out Kathryn's blog and website her dichoric glass jewellery and accessories are beautiful.

Needless to say the chocolate bar did not last long, hence just the wrapper but I am eeking out the cakes, maybe this afternoon as the weather is awful and these will be just the thing.

Thank you Kathryn for the win.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Show and Tell Monday

Another week and even nearer to putting up the Christmas Decorations on the 1st December, a big kid I know but nothing better than Christmas music on the stereo, a glass of wine some mince pies and decorating the house.

Still must not get carried away, a reasonably productive week and just to prove I have been working meet the mice twins, pink of course and a blue one for luck.

Left over fabric from a another project Mickey Mouse and garden bugs just lent themselves to a couple of tidy bags.

Finally knitted up some scarves, the brown mixture one was a wired yarn, looked like puffs of wool on a strand but different.

Started this project a few years ago 'The Colour Purple Quilt' for my sewing room sofa, now I am almost at the end of making for fairs and parties for this year, thought this should really be finished, a gift to my sewing room for all the pleasure it has given me.

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Monday, 2 November 2009

Show and Tell Monday by 'Barney'

Hello Pink Aunties, as my Mum has been super busy this week and a bit Ruffff! I thought I would have a go at this blogging malarky!. She also tweets (thought this was what the birds did, waking me up in the morning) and something odd called Facebook, does that mean faces have books?

Well Mum took some pic's of me on Thursday, I was on my best behaviour admittedly for a change but thought as I have been getting extra grub should try to oblige. The extra grub was got when I visited Uncle Mark (my Doctor, a very nice man) I sucked in my breath when I got on the scales and it looked as if I had lost weight, gave Mark a 'I am starved look', he is a sucker for my look and said I needed an extra meal, very tasty too and about time Dad always feeds those pesky fish, swimming in the tank, what do they do, nothing! Had thought they could be lunch but so minute would not even touch the sides, not even a snack.

This is me gazing lovingly at my Mum, also if I sit here get in the way of the remote control working, he! he!

Just checking to see if Dad has snucked a biccie without me looking.

No all clear and back to gazing at Mum, I do love her really, also checking she is not getting that pronged thing out to put through my coat, I am partial to keeping my fur and do not know what the fuss is about with it going on the carpet, think it adds texture.

Mum went and left me this week to go shopping, a bit miffed but lots of cuddles when she returned, so thought I had better show you what she bought, cannot see the use really, not edible no smell certainly not as useful as me!

Mum is off to some party on the 10th, with a load of Ladies buying, I think I should be allowed to go, they are having nibbles, I like nibbles and wine, quite partial to a tipple, but NO I have to stay home with the pesky fish, guarding the house, hmmmpf!! Even Dad is being allowed to go and I am far more useful than Dad.

Oops! my paw slipped and I posted on Saturday, I'm in trouble. Licks and Hugs Barney