Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A trip down memory lane

Yesterday Lee (DH) and I went on a trip down memory lane, visiting areas I used to haunt when growing up, the weather left a lot to be desired but we were determined it was not going to ruin our day and it did not.

First stop Shere (were the film The Holiday was partially shot) a lovely Surrey village, apart from the cars unspoilt by time.

Then onto Abinger Hammer (metionjed in the Domesday book in 1086, then known as Abinceborne) where the blacksmith hits the bell with a hammer on the hour

The clock was given in memory of the first Lord Farrer of Abinger Hall who died in 1899 and has a motto which states: “By me you know how fast to go!” The clock represents the iron industry and the role played by the county of Surrey in the industrial past.

Then on to Cranleigh

and finally could not resist a photo of the Christmas decorations at the local garden centre,
just magical

Thank you for joining me on my trip down memory lane

Monday, 25 October 2010

Bags, Bags and more bags......

Show and Tell Monday

Another week and ever nearer to Christmas only 61 days to go, presents all bought just a few left to make then the fun of wrapping and not to mention decorating the house, turning our home into a magical grotto.

Four events booked starting the 6th November (only 12 days to go) so have been stitching like mad

Crystal framed bag, made with a beautiful embossed satin, timeless elegance

A selection of fun phone/camera pouches in Amy Butler fabric a good stocking filler for any age

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Monday, 18 October 2010

Look out Mary Poppins

Show and Tell Monday

I have always loved the film Mary Poppins, can remember as a child awe inspired when Marp opened her carpet bag and everything including the kitchen sink appeared. Having received a bag of fabric from a neighbour and this beautiful carpet style fabric was inside, what better tribute than to make t modern twist on a carpet bag, 3 machine needles later and metal frame inserted this is the result.

Cream Silk and Pearl Evening Bag

Classic combination of silk and pearls all in cream

An not forgetting the frilly and frothy scarves, purple, to be worn
by those wishing to age disgracefully .

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Monday, 11 October 2010

Frothy and Frilly

Show and Tell Monday with Make Mine Pink

Frilly and Frothy

Another two scarves this time in fuchsia and cream/winter white

3 knitted last night and half way through a 4th, just love to knit and watch tv, keeps my hands out of the biscuit barrel. These scarves are every definitely frilly and frothy, glamorous and fun, with hints of the three musketeers.

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Inspirativity Events

Well Jill and I have gone and done it, booked the hall for our first handmade event next April, a beautiful location and the hall we have chosen is bright and sunny. Off this week to research some potential stall holders and have to sample the local coffee and maybe cakes

Monday, 4 October 2010

Show and Tell Monday

Show and Tell Monday with Make Mine Pink

Another week and Autumn is here, fires being lit, smell of burning pinecones, crackling and hissing logs and only 82 days until Christmas, only seems like 5 minutes ago packing away the decorations for another year in January.

Black frilled scarf

I finally finished this project am happy with the results, not an easy wool and the black, need a new pair of eyes, lol

Just for fun, yoyo and button flower hair slides

A black lace wrist band with shoe and handbag charms and embellished with pearls and small silver bells.

and a white one embellished with a ballerina, pink butterflies and pearls

Victorian Etc
an online magazine

I have won the web category for Art and Craft so if you can find the time to vote for me daily to hopefully win the grand prize would be eternally grateful, this award is a great honour.

A busy week ahead with a meeting at the end of the week with my crafting buddy Jill to view The Kiln, a possible venue for our Inspirativity events, hand crafted and pamper days with refreshments of homemade cakes and light lunches. We have been discussing this new
business venture for some time and feel 2011 with the UK Craft & Design* month in
May would be the perfect time.

Craft and craft selling is changing in the UK with events opening up to give a different approach to the normal church hall venues, customers are expecting more and now want an experience, so out with the old and in with the new unique, stress free atmosphere sometimes associated with high street shopping, easy parking and quality made local crafts.

Craft & Design Month May 2011*

Sponsored by craft& design magazine

Watch this space:

from Inspiration comes creativity

email: to be kept up to date

Being launched soon a website of events in 2011 for a new shopping experience

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