Monday, 18 October 2010

Look out Mary Poppins

Show and Tell Monday

I have always loved the film Mary Poppins, can remember as a child awe inspired when Marp opened her carpet bag and everything including the kitchen sink appeared. Having received a bag of fabric from a neighbour and this beautiful carpet style fabric was inside, what better tribute than to make t modern twist on a carpet bag, 3 machine needles later and metal frame inserted this is the result.

Cream Silk and Pearl Evening Bag

Classic combination of silk and pearls all in cream

An not forgetting the frilly and frothy scarves, purple, to be worn
by those wishing to age disgracefully .

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  1. Hi Caroline,,, I love your Mary Poppins Carpet Bag! I adore that movie. It was a favorite of my as a child. I had a record album with all of the songs and it had a picture book with stills from the movies. I think I wore the grooves right off that record. LOL Thanks for the memories. I also love you frilly scarves They are so pretty. Beautiful tote bag too. Love the cream color.
    Have a pretty week and happy creating. (()) gail

  2. Caroline

    I absolutely love the carpet bag it's beautiful. Your right, the fabric was perfect.

    Those scarves are awesome too.

    Have a wonderful week, will talk to you later.

  3. Hello, Caroline! I also adore Mary Poppins, just watched a bit of it the other night on the telly. Very pretty carpet bag, my friend.

  4. Hi Caroline,

    I am a fan of Mary Poppins. I remember going to the movie theater with my older sis to see it. I was only 5. time flies. I love the carpet bag! Very clever and creative. And I love the scarf too. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing. I wish you a beautiful week.
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  5. Hi Caroline .. I love your carpet bag .. I too saw Mary Poppins ... 27 times actually .. my dad was in the theatre business so we used to go and watch the matinees .. when I heard the wedding processional on the pipe organ, I knew I wanted to play .. started playing at age 8 and still playing 47 years later .. did you use a pattern for the carpet bag?


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