Thursday, 29 September 2011

Wear it Pink

As mentioned in my Monday blog this week October is the month for the Breast Cancer campaign with the main day of fund raising being 28th October, check out the website for more details:

 I have registered to join in the fund raising and am planning a selection of gifts and cards in a dedicated area of my website, 20% of any sales of these products will be donated to the Breast Cancer Campaign.

Wouldn't it be good if we could get a handmade group together, linking websites and blogs with craft in pink, to be part of the cure. You can download posters and flyers, search for an event in your area or like myself and a few others join as a co-operative and promote handmade at the same time, do you want to join in? check out the following criteria.

1. A dedicated section on your website for all things pink (or your entire site up to you)
 giving a donation of the sales to WiP. (this is not a donation given to customers but a percentage of sales taken that you are prepared to send to WiP)

2. This is aimed at handmade only to show what the handmade community can do

3. Let me have your link 

4. Link back to the other participating sites, the whole point of this exercise is to raise money for a good cause and by linking with each other makes the group stronger.

5. Advertise what you are doing on your websites, blogs, events etc during October

I would like to be able to let Wear It Pink know what we are doing along with the participants so if interested and prepared to commit to the whole month send me an email (via my website)  with your business name, website link and terms offered.


Carolee Crafts - Website

Christmas Pie Crafts -

The Grimm Exhibition - Website

Lady Luck Jewellery - Website

Pixie Doodles - Website

Irish Wedding Dreams - Website

Let's add to the list and get Wear it Pink on the road.

I will be adding the Pink Collection from Saturday with more items gradually through October

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Preparing for October - Wear It PInk

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a special drive on the 28th, as a business I would like to do my bit and have registered for and info pack. Plan to make a selection of gifts, in pink of course, donating 20% of all sales, plus have a donation button for the standard £2.00 or more. Would be good if more of us could get involved and one way would be to blog pink every Monday during October, if anyone wants to join in am happy to add a special link to your websites from mine reciprocated of course. You never know we may get our own shop hops going plus help a good cause at the same time.

Now onto Handmade Monday and Show and Tell Monday
Finally sorted out my excessive 'To Do' lists and think they were a hindrance rather than a help, looking at a list a mile long does not do much for the enthusiasm to tackle one task let alone 100's. So well pruned and have decided to concentrate on one week at a time, things that are not due this week get pushed to the back of my mind. Pictures taken and website updated for my 'Dear Santa' plaques, commissioned order for a ballet slipper applique bag with a name embroidered on the front done and being posted off on Monday. This left me Sunday to stitch/craft to my heart's content and 2 petal fleece baby jackets, fit 6-12 months old, lined in pink cotton.

Continuing the ballet theme and not one to waste fabric, door pillows these follow on from my 'Best Friend' for cat and dog lovers earlier in the year.

Magnet Cartes et de Cadeaux, a gift on a card, dinky glass tiles backed with pretty paper and a magnet, placed onto a card representing a notice board, a message can be added. An easy way to post a gift without breaking the bank.
 1 down another  9 to go but think that will be for another day.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Handmade by Me Thursday Blog Hop

Production line making is hard for me as I am like a butterfly flitting from one thing to the next, a new length of fabric lands through my letterbox and I want to create not continue on the task in hand, so this week I have had to ensure that I complete the 'Dear Santa' plaques which have been hanging around for a week, that may not be long but needed parchment paper to print off the lists, red and green ribbon for hanging, every obstacle was put in my way. Sheer determination has seen this task completed at last:

and I am happy with them, all packaged ready for my first fair, or Jill's of Christmas Pie Crafts who a trooper that she is has offered to add them to her stall at the school bazaars. Thank you Jill.

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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Another week of crafting at Carolee Crafts packing as much in as possible, not a lot of makes this week but a lot of planning, sketching designs etc.....

Christening Card
This was a bespoke order from a Facebook Group called Handmade in Hampshire, started by Gemma and growing by the day.

 Bought some wonderful fabric from Lucy again from Handmade in Hampshire, love the ballerina's and by adding applique satin ballet slippers with organza bows made a pretty gift for any little or big girl that loves pink an ballet.

Not one to waste anything, what could be done with the strips left? Scrunchies. Still have another length left so watch this space

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Handmade by Me Thursday Blog Hop

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat... well probably not yet and I know early.
Saw this idea in the latest Docrafts magazine but decided to put my own twist on so what you see is something completely different apart from the outer shape.

Edged in gold metallic paint, backed with a Christmas print backing paper, which in turn has been highlighted with glitter pens and foiled decoupage Santa. The notebook is printed onto beige parchment style paper and stitched into complimentary cover with Christmas sticker, gold snowflakes to finish. the holes have gold eyelets and red ribbon will be added when I buy some on Sunday.

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Sunday, 11 September 2011

A busy week

Car taken for MOT and passed, Yippee!. Shiloh had his first training class and was a star, more details on his blog along with his first walk in the big wide world, a real pro. Juke box repair man visited as Lee's Wurlitzer has stopped working, shock and horror. Last but not least I have been crafting. The first part of the week was a disaster but Friday evening and over the weekend my creativity has been on a roll, making easel style calendars with 3d decoupage, floral embellishments mounted onto  printed backing paper, added to my website: The Writing Room - Escritoire a perfect small gift for yourself or a friend a pretty addition to any desk.
Soul Song

Angel of the New Dawn

Angel of Purity

Cobblestone Lane

Funky Fairy

Rose Bouquet

My workroom has so much WIP and you can guess what the plans are this week, FINISH projects started before starting anything else, well not sure about the last bit but will give it a go, have a good week all and see you on Thursday for 'Handmade by Me' blog hop.

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Handmade by Me Thursday Blog Hop

It's that time again, another Thursday has arrived and not crossed much off my 'To Do' list, since Sunday but have managed to make a Christmas Card for a special friend and her husband. Know I am safe publishing as she is not into blogland. Thomas Kinkade again I just love his paintings and so great to see a living artist's work.

This cottage is glittered to within an inch of it's life but what is Christmas without the odd bit of glitter.

Puppy training tonight, Lee will be armed with the camera and this should be so much fun, Not! Only 8 puppies in the class so hopefully Shiloh should learn something, so will post details on his blog tomorrow.

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

September crafting

Good Morning All and welcome to another week of crafting. Had a commission for a birthday card a bit last minute but as a friend have forgiven her. The spec was river, lakes and Cotswolds so Thomas Kinkade was perfect:

and as on a roll decided to get my friends card done at the same time:

gift wrapped, made a Swarovski Heart pendant with pearls and crystals on a sterling silver chain.

Yet another birthday card, at this rate will be starting on 2012, lol

A card for a friend of DH's who is a movie buff

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That's all from me for this week folks

Happy Crafting!