Tuesday, 27 May 2014

History of the Sewing Machine Infographic

Courtesy of Terry's Fabrics thought I would share this fun and informative post with you, I enjoyed it and hope you do to.

Hand’s up if you happened to one of many homes out there without a sewing machine? Believe it or not the everyday sewing machine has to be one of the most useful inventions ever and you might laugh now but when it comes down to ripping your favourite trousers, the hamster chewing your brand new cotton curtains or just any fabric related to do no doubt you’ll be rushing out to buy one for yourself.
The good old trusty sewing machine has allowed many talented seamstresses, crafters and the like to create many wonderful handmade fabric pieces over the years from curtains to bedding, clothing, accessories and more so the possibilities you have with a sewing machine at hand are endless. However have you ever happened to ponder on where they came from and who in fact invented the singer machine for example?
Well here in our latest infographic we’ve put together a historical timeline of inventors and creative makers for you to take a look at behind the old fashioned sewing machine, sharing with you a little knowledge on the geniuses who invented it and how the sewing machine came to be.
History of Sewing Machine by Terrys Fabrics
History of Sewing Machine by Terrys Fabrics.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Heirloom roses and a machine holiday

What wonderful weather we have had the last few days, time to appreciate the garden and sit and while away a couple of hours reading under the roses. Our climbing roses are covered in buds with a few early blooms, delightful scent emanates from them, along with the wisteria. Nature is so wonderful and never ceases to amaze me how viola's and Pansy's can be so stunning with their cheerful faces and vibrant colour ranges. Lilac's covered in bumble bees and butterflies. Birds still hanging from the feeders around our garden, think they are a tad lazy as should be more food for them around but no! they find it easier to descend on our offerings.

My embroidery machine is going in for an annual service, it is used rather a lot and really does deserve a break, although will be sorely missed. This will not stop me sewing as do have my ordinary machines and already planning a new style handbag, made in a Paris print with ruffles.

Heirloom Roses Needle Cases

I love this design, so elegant and vintage perfect for anyone that stitches or just to keep the repair kit handy.

The photograph has been staged again, I love staging and when looking through catalogues for myself like to see staged photos rather than a plain white light tent background. The staging draws me in to a life style that I would aspire to. Does take a bit longer but I have my props handy just have to select head outside onto the terrace, nothing better than natural daylight, stage and snap. Still have a lot of photos to retake for my website but that will come in time, maybe my self imposed holiday from my machine would be an ideal time to start.

Lot's of planning the next 2 weeks, notebooks (yes they are new) handy and ready to be filled with sketches, photos, words, swatches and more.

Have a good week and enjoy the summer while it lasts.

Monday, 12 May 2014

A week in the life of a crafter, a forgotten post

Oops forgot to post this last week must have been so wrapped up in all my chores but better late than never

Hit the ground running this week and along with cleaning, sewing and sorting out DH whose back is again playing up, hmpff! Plus had an event on Saturday to prep for, you know sort stock, stock list, load the car, props etc. Decided to give myself Sunday off to catch up on blogging Facebook and all the other social media I am involved in.

First make of the week a 'Stick Family Pillow Cover'

Something so simplistic about stick people yet fun and a perfect gift to give to a family who have it all, including the pet or pets.

Crown initial lavender sachets, these are a design from Sonia Showalter, one of her freebie collections, stitched onto soft white linen in muted shades, filled with lavender and fibrefill. Measuring approx 11cm square a perfect gift to give to say Thank You.

Pin cushions. Now being a sewer can never have enough of these but hey are also useful to store brooches and so pretty on a dressing table.

Heirloom Rose Needlebooks, have done a few of these before for gifts but decided to make to sell, again I think this design is so pretty and you do not have to be a sewer to own one. We all need repair kits in the home and this with some thread and needles can be a perfect gift or stocking filler, thinking ahead to the 25th.

Back to the monthly market it was fun and some lovely stallholders in the hall. Not a bad day and the sun making an appearance always helps to lift spirits. This month had my stall full of handbags from frame to shoulder, totes and more. Each month I try to go with different stock to up the changes and keep interest alive.

Finally but in no way least the new issue of Daphne's Diary is out, still in love with this publication and prepared to give up others to keep this one coming.

I love the way it is written exactly like a diary with so many interesting articles about antique markets visited around Europe, fun tales of home life and more.

A touch of elegance and fun

Beautiful days filled with sunshine and the odd shower but such good light for photographs, plus with the onset of the good weather the garden is blooming and nothing better than to sit with my sewing room windows wide open stitching, my favourite past time.

So far this week elegant initial lavender sachets

and linen flower girl note pad covers

Finished an order for a Paris in Springtime scarf, which is now hopefully winging it's way to the USA, now what to start on next, hmmm! 

Enjoy the sun and accept that the odd shower is needed for all the plants and to clear the air, have a good week.