Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A beautiful Thank You received

Earlier on this year I worked on my first wedding along with stitching an Apache wedding blessing as a gift. Have just received this letter in the post, what can I say, it made all the time and effort worth while and this testimonial means the world to me, to know that I made a bride's day special:

'This comes with so much appreciation for the absolutely beautiful needle worked poem. We were amazed by your craftsmanship (once again) and the effort you put into such a special gift. As for beginning to thank you for all you did in terms of helping to prepare for our wedding ...... well where to even start? ...... All your work in everything you produced just showed how truly talented you are Caroline and just how much you put into every single thing you create. Everyone commented on the extra ordinary detail in each little treasure - from invitations, order of service, favours, baskets and little bags. Each thing was made with such care and attention. The horseshoe you created was stunning and I was delighted to walk down the aisle with in on my arm. Keep on with your crafting and don't give up even though times are hard. Hopefully you will be able to do more weddings and help create a magical day for another couple (many couples actually). Once again our wholehearted thanks for everything.'

Just receiving this has given me the boost that I needed to forge ahead in the New Year to believe that what I do is on track and that I can follow my dream and succeed.

A thank you does not cost anything (well maybe a card and stamp) but can make someones day. I always say thank you but in 2010 I am going to make sure that the recipient truly believes what I am saying and it is not just a reply given at that moment in time.

Have a very Happy New Year and Thank You for reading and showing an interest in my blog.


Friday, 18 December 2009

Happy Christmas Everyone

Christmas Myspace Animated Gifs

Another year is over, the presents are wrapped, the larder is full, decorations up and even had some snow.

I love Christmas but also look forward to the New Year. The time between Christmas and New Year I feel is a time for reflection, planning with renewed energy and looking forward to in this case 2010, clearing the decks for a new adventure to ensure that I get the best out of the year to come. To turn your back on the bad things that may have happened in 2009 to reflect on the good and embrace what is to come, looking forward to the new crafting calender for new ideas and designs.

My last gift made for this year is a lap quilt for my Sister, sprinkled with a sewing theme, a dash of flowers and hint of chocolate to complete I hope a perfect quilting recipe. An extra stitch a 'Time to Stitch' mini quilt.


In Trafalgar Square in London are 4 plinths, back in the summer the fourth plinth statue of Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park was removed for an event called 'One & Other' specially commissioned art works. One of the people to brave the plinth for an hour on Saturday 15th August at 18:00pm was my old boss Tim Andrews, he wanted to let people know about Parkinsons disease, how it had affected him and at the same time promote the latest album by Madness and I feel that I could not leave this year without praising him for what he did and put a link to his 1 hour of fame. I feel that the video clip says it all, please if you have time take a look.

On that note I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a successful New Year and remember to follow your dreams as without them the world would not be such a good place to be.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Networking to advance you business

On a forum today a discussion was started about craft fairs, as mentioned in my reply I use a lot of online directories, mots of which are free. As several have requested a list here it is:

Business Womens Cafe
Be Fabulous
Women on Top
Women Talking
Women Speak
All That Women Want
Mums Like You
Shop Handmade
Giant Potential
Pink Martini
BT Tradespace

Some are based in the UK and some in the US but any form of advertising helps.