Friday, 11 December 2009

Networking to advance you business

On a forum today a discussion was started about craft fairs, as mentioned in my reply I use a lot of online directories, mots of which are free. As several have requested a list here it is:

Business Womens Cafe
Be Fabulous
Women on Top
Women Talking
Women Speak
All That Women Want
Mums Like You
Shop Handmade
Giant Potential
Pink Martini
BT Tradespace

Some are based in the UK and some in the US but any form of advertising helps.


  1. OMG What Great Resources!!! So glad I stopped in. I just bookmarked the whole entire list! How Valuable! Was wondering if you could stop in and participate with my Give Away by posting a comment. Please visit often!

  2. Thanks for being so generous and sharing your list - wishing you a very prosperous 2010 xxx


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