Monday, 30 November 2009

Show and Tell Monday


A beautiful day on Saturday, cold but wall to wall sunshine. A perfect morning for the Village Christmas Fayre and knew the dry weather would draw in the customers. The morning went well and there was a steady stream from 10:00am onwards, everyone packed up and went home happy at 1:00pm. Promised to take some pic's of my stall, bit of a fiasco this, packed the camera, yes! went to use it , message that the batteries needed changing, could not believe it, then found some batteries in the bottom of one of my packing bags, do not know how they got there must have been the battery fairy helping out. Could not get far enough away to do the whole stall, so had to take in two parts.

Came home and had an internet order waiting for the blue and white cafetiere appliqued cosy.

Had made these swarovski trees for ornaments but DS wanted a pair made up into earrings.

A busy, bust week to look forward to and not much time to stitch. check out the other MMP blogs for all the latest stories and shows.


  1. Caroline

    Woohoo, sounds like you had a great turn out and that sales were brisk! That's fantastic. Your booth looks absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the fayre with us.

    Pale Pink And Roses

  2. Caroline, it sounds like it was rather hectic! Such a beautiful display and love the earrings! Now, sit back and have a cuppa!

  3. Caroline, I wish I could have been at your booth in person! I just loved it. Thanks for sharing. It has been super busy this week with Thanksgiving. Next is the Christmas rush and decorating the house. Hugs, Tedi

  4. Hi Caroline, I always look forward to visiting you each week. YOu make so many beautiful things. Your stall is very, very nice. I hope you did well. Have a beautiful week and happy creating. Give Barney a hug from his Auntie Gail from across the pond. lol
    OH yes, I love the tree earrings. soooo cute!
    (()) gail

  5. Hi Caroline,, thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love when you visit. I hope you have had a great week! Its a busy time of year, and I am trying to stay on top of everything! (()) gail

  6. Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    The pair of christmas tree earrings are beautiful!
    And your booth looks great!!
    I hope you have a great week!

    Pei Li

  7. Hi Caroline,

    The booth looked amazing! Beautifully diplayed. Wish i could have been there to see it in person. I love the earrings too. Adorable. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a wonderful week,
    Janets Crfeative Pillows

  8. Glad to hear you had a steady stream of people. Your booth looks great ... so inviting. Hope you did well. Cute earrings!!


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