Sunday, 31 May 2015

Kitchen changeover and not much crafting

We have lost our minds and decided to replace the kitchen, last done in about 1998 and now looking very sorry for itself. Started with the first stage electrics on Tuesday followed by the skimming of the ceiling on Thursday, to get rid of the Artex. This week Lee will be doing washes to seal and top coats. Am beginning to wonder why we started this and still to select and have the units fitted. I know will look good when done but the upheaval is stressing me out. Love my kitchen organised.

Hence not a lot of crafting being done as have to make sure the worker is happy, lol. Did manage to make some cuff bracelets, another personalised scissor holder, for my website some plain scissor holders and pin cushions.

Finally a pink flower organza pin, plan to use at the Women Only Connected meetings and my events. May make some more to sell as do love these with the sparkly centres.

Feel I am drifting a bit atm and need to get back on track perhaps a visit to the Packhouse may inspire me to start working again.

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Crafting and Gardening

This week has been productive with a new bed in the side garden, our beautiful tree of no name comes into blossom, new plants for the Hebe bed and the lawn is looking good too.

DH has worked very hard just have to get to the dump with all the turfs, now that will be fun. A bonus the first half of the week was glorious, sun and warm, perfect gardening weather.

Making this week, now I had a list of things to do, maybe a bit over ambitious and not saying got them all done but did well all things considering. The deluge of the wet stuff on Thursday worked wonders as inside in the dry stitching, nothing could be better.


I love these and able to use odd bits of fabric. Done in the hoop but altered the design, as should have been all over free standing lace. Thought this would be too expensive to make to sell, with 2 hours of stitching. Cut out the lace bit and just jumped the machine to do the outlines and the centre place for a picture, with a pocket.


Now these should have been clippie holders but as I have sort of stopped doing kid's things, again altered the design to make into fun key fobs.


I love the sausage dog in this design, again done in the hoop and he ends up following his own tail, lol

Teriann from Pixies Rules added my rose quilt bag to her website, one thing rang a bell is she called me a stitch artist. Never thought of myself that way but thinking about it sums up what I do quite aptly. Therefore I now have a new title, thanks to a US friend and loving it.

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Have a creative week

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Rain and sun what a combination

Happy handmade Monday to all. Been a week of sunshine and showers. You may remember our cherry blossom tree in a previous post, well woke to a pink carpet the other day, so pretty and have banned Lee from getting out the mower to collect up the blossoms.

A new Magnolia planted last year is just starting to flower, love this colour

Lee has started a new project in the garden, which will mean a visit to a garden centre to stock up on goodies. Been planning to go to Leckford Estate for a long time, owned by John Lewis aka Waitrose.  Longstock Nursery with a cafe, yumm! and also the Leckford farm shop apparently the first supermarket to have a farm shop. Looking forward to this visit, not scheduled in yet but hopefully soon.

On the making front went all nostalgic as Downton is currently off air and had to use up some of my Andover fabric for 2 frame bags, with machine embroidered lace on the front and a lace fan on the back. Not wanting to waste a scrap managed to get 3 lavender sachets with complimenting ribbon and a bit of diamante of course.

Another piece of Downton fabric, this time with branches and berries, adding a free standing lace peacock to the front.

Found out on Friday Lee's aunt's 90th Birthday on Monday, so panic set in but managed a card just hope she gets on time.

Have some embroidery deigns for large postcards as not used before thought would have a play. This is just 1 of the designs done in a vintage tone and pink and grey. Stitched straight onto mottled card stock, the backing card is secured in place with the star design round the outside. Think will be doing a few more of these.

Trading Cards, ATC's and ACEO's

Been a lot of talk lately about ATC's and thought would give some more information. 
Trading Cards have been around in the US for some years and can depict sports to Disney, also known as  Baseball Cards. We had the original football cards or PG tips cards from Nature to Places but I think these were never as good as the USA version. Size for a start.

ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and ACEO's (Art Card Editions and Originals) should measure 
212 by 312  inches (64 mm × 89 mm). Being this size means they fit inside the standard collectors sleeve, which holds 9 cards. inches

ATC's are given away or swapped, ACEO's can be sold. Both are normally made in collections and are numbered, dated, titled and signed by the artist on the back, these can be bought from most craft shops or you can print your own:

Being this size means they fit inside the standard collectors sleeve, which holds 9 cards. We have quite a few ATC's in the house namely my Disney Signature limited edition collection

ATC's were originally traded between artists, then artists began to sell the ATC's which made them ACEO's. Although the same format they are different as ATC's are never sold. There is a very good inspiration book about ATC's, full of samples of ATC's in different media, a good buy and a fantastic read: 

Hope this helps with a bit more info about ATC's and they are fun to collect and buy

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Summer Holidays and beyond

Had our first coffee morning with the local Women Only Connected online networking site, it went so well and have booked for next month, same time, same place. Although small on this occasion in some ways that was better as we have started with a good grounding to the group. We decided to make the meetings informal but with the time to chat to the members and find out what they do. If you would like to know more take a look at the website. Free to join and advertise the only stipulation you have to be a woman.

Jenny Wagstaff who set up the site is friendly, approachable and helpful. Hopefully Jenny will be at the next Forest Lodge coffee morning being held on the 27th May, in the coffee lounge, just follow the Endeavour explorer footprints on the floor and look for a pink flower.

Summer Holidays

Another addition to the theme, this time water bottle holders with a strap that can go across the body, round the neck or on the shoulder. A fresh bottle of water handy at all times. The lining is of an insulating material to keep the water cool, roomy enough to add a small gel ice pack. Embroidered with a Spa label.

Rose Quilt Tote Bag

Back to embroidery with a girlie feel and a rose quilt block design, stitched onto peach shadow cotton and pieced together. Have only panelled the front, the back is plain, so pretty for the summer.

Embroidery/Small Scissor Holders.

Made one of these for my sister's Birthday and then got an order form her sewing group for 2 to keep for gifts. They have both been embroidered with an initial and using the last of my elephant print. Having the cord to hang round your neck is so handy as I am constantly losing my scissors when sewing.

Birthday Card

Another card winging it's way to Lee's second cousin and again remembered to take a photo, I am getting good, lol.

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