Sunday, 24 May 2015

Crafting and Gardening

This week has been productive with a new bed in the side garden, our beautiful tree of no name comes into blossom, new plants for the Hebe bed and the lawn is looking good too.

DH has worked very hard just have to get to the dump with all the turfs, now that will be fun. A bonus the first half of the week was glorious, sun and warm, perfect gardening weather.

Making this week, now I had a list of things to do, maybe a bit over ambitious and not saying got them all done but did well all things considering. The deluge of the wet stuff on Thursday worked wonders as inside in the dry stitching, nothing could be better.


I love these and able to use odd bits of fabric. Done in the hoop but altered the design, as should have been all over free standing lace. Thought this would be too expensive to make to sell, with 2 hours of stitching. Cut out the lace bit and just jumped the machine to do the outlines and the centre place for a picture, with a pocket.


Now these should have been clippie holders but as I have sort of stopped doing kid's things, again altered the design to make into fun key fobs.


I love the sausage dog in this design, again done in the hoop and he ends up following his own tail, lol

Teriann from Pixies Rules added my rose quilt bag to her website, one thing rang a bell is she called me a stitch artist. Never thought of myself that way but thinking about it sums up what I do quite aptly. Therefore I now have a new title, thanks to a US friend and loving it.

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Have a creative week


  1. Your garden looks so lovely in it's springtime colors. I love the key fobs you made. They are so cute!

  2. Your garden is looking beautiful! So many lovely makes too, i especially love the birdie key fobs, so cute :) x

  3. Looks like youve been very busy!
    Love the key fobs, they look great, and the sausage dog fabric is very cute! x

  4. What lovely makes. I like them all. Can't pick a fav, as they are all great. Garden is looking good too.

  5. Wow you have been busy, what lovely things you have created. Stitch artist just about covers it as far as I can tell!

  6. Stitch Artist is a perfect description as you draw with thread beautifully. I love the colours of all the bird cages and picture frames.

  7. A true Stitch Artist! Those sausage dogs have such personality. I love how you utilize even the odd remnants of fabric to make gorgeous pieces!

  8. Your garden is beautiful and your makes are beautiful too.

  9. What a busy week you've had and beautiful makes, I can't pick a favourite ~ all great

  10. Aww, the birdie key fobs are so tweet! xx

  11. You have been busy - and hubby too! Your garden looks lovely. Pretty key fobs, and I just love those sausage dogs. You are certainly a Stitch Artist! Barbara xx

  12. I love the bird cages and your garden's gorgeous xx


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