Sunday, 30 November 2014

Christmas Fair

Now I know there is always talk about only going to proper 'Craft Fairs' but the Christmas village fair I attended today and which I have been going to for over 30 years is very good. The village hall is picturesque, well decorated, happy Christmas songs playing, aroma of mince pies and bacon rolls and not to mention the friendly stallholders and customers alike. A typical Hampshire village where everyone knows everybody. Approx 20 stalls and I did very well, in fact very happy with my sales today. 

My stall, forgot the battery tea lights for the houses. Just typical but still sold one have already added the box to the stock for next weeks fair. Took the pic's on my new iphone and must admit am quite happy with the results, did miss the anti shake though and perhaps not as clear as the camera but mighty handy.

One thing I have learnt over the years is that prices need to be pitched right and this year my stall was full of goodies £5.00 and under. A few of my frame clutch bags for £10.00 of which I sold one. The best sellers where the Christmas Tree earrings for £4.00, maybe it was getting change for a fiver but sold all apart from 1 pair. Guess what I will be making this week. The mini bags also went down well.

Two beautiful Golden retrievers came round part way through the girl about 2.5 years and a boy puppy (almost as big as the girl) 13 weeks, missed mine and wondered what he was up to with DH and apparently this is the result:

Hope you have a happy creating week and will report on next weeks whole day in Alton.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

Okay I know a bit early yet but those of you that know me, know that I love Christmas with a passion. Starting with Midnight Mass, Christmas Trees, Tinsel and Glitter, delicious food and not forgetting family and friends. The song sung by Bing Crosby sums up Christmas for me, maybe old fashioned but in some ways think we all look back as to what Christmas means to us:

Memories from our childhood, when times were simple and we believed in the magic. Mother baking Christmas Pies, the smell of the turkey wafting up the stairs at 4 o'clock in the morning. The anticipation in the opening of gifts, ripping wrapping paper with excitement to discover the goodies inside. Cinnamon, roasting chestnuts, mince meat and hopefully snow with icicles clinging to the roof tops. 

What are your memories and what new ones have you made as you have got a home of your own. DH and I have no children, apart from our fur baby Shiloh but we have made our own traditions, the decorations go up on the 1st of December without fail, followed by steaming hot chocolate with whipped cream, pure decadence but delicious. A Chinese for lunch (this is a favourite and easy to cook, courtesy of Marks and Spencers) followed by a good film in the afternoon. Think this year will be X Men Past and Present. The gifts will be ready and wrapped to add to the tree, last minute lists made of food to buy and anything missed. Finally breathe a sigh of relief as Christmas Eve arrives and all that can be done is done.

Okay apart from daydreaming have been making last week, Nordic Hearts a nod to DH's ancestry. Although not a lover of red, red does belong at Christmas time and these are simple but elegant in red and white.

Plans for this week? Tealight houses using the safer battery tealights.

Have a good week and enjoy

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Wedding Fair

The car packed and today is the day rain clouds charging across the sky threatening showers any minute. Sat Nav at the ready and off we set. The journey was far easier than expected and arrived earlier than anticipated. Met By Elizabeth Dawson a lovely lady and made to feel very welcome. Thank you to all at All Saints Church Catherington for a well organised event.

Car unloaded and stall all set:


Next door to me were two sisters making Wedding Invitations and personalised lollies

Noticed that they did a beautiful chandelier which complimented my silk chandelier frame purse, how wonderful to be able to match everything for a special day.


Elizabeth Greville of Cream Roses
Make up services for all occasions


Clare Rhodes of Indulge in Vintage

Vintage china to make any occasion special and teacup candles


RKdia for perfectly laid tables with the ideal menu's


Geoff and Val Davies with Gold Star Dancing
perfect for your first dance together.


7 seater 1930's style Bradford
1930's style Beauford
Chrysler 300C Executive

Perfect cars to start and finish your day

Davina Aburrow of Chocolate Moments
Now who does not love chocolate

The fair ended at 2pm and even managed to get home by 3 and unload the car with no rain fall, more than I can say for now looking out the window. Plan to spend the rest of the evening with my feet up. TV is being controlled by DH and dog, they are both glued to the rugby. 
Come on England.

Tomorrow Christmas only 47 days left and my 'To Do' list is getting longer. I love the festive season and may have to put our decorations up on Thanksgiving to tie in with the Pink Ladies scattered across the US of A.

Have a good week, try to stay warm and hope all going well Jane at the NEC.
If you are going to the NEC tomorrow stop by Jane and Jan's stall for some delicious handmade gift ideas: Just Soaps

Sunday, 2 November 2014

The final two

After all these weeks have finally finished the final two wedding/evening clutch bags, the theme butterflies.

Now for the sorting, stock list, price labels, props and all the other paraphernalia that goes to putting on a show at an event. Nearly take the kitchen sink but do draw a line at that.

Have to print off the photos to add to the look book but at this rate will be packed ready to load into the car by early next week, will leave until Friday though.

Now what next?............ CHRISTMAS now what is on my 'To Do List': Mini Bambi Vintage style Christmas Stockings, Nordic Hearts, Lace Snowflakes good grief this list will be getting out of control. Off to order some glitter felt.

Will post some photos of the wedding fair next Sunday, enjoy your week.