Sunday, 25 November 2012

Handmade Made Monday No. 94

Due to a family bereavement in the early hours of Saturday morning unable to attend The Royal School fair, hope it went well for all the stallholders

The final 2 teddy pocket bags this time in yellow and lilac, sorry I know getting a bit déjà vu now but these are the last two, honest.

Hair clips covers, these were so quick to do.

The nightlight bird cage was a boot sale find two for £1.00, came across them in my workroom and thought had to use and filled with hair slides what better use.

I mentioned an advertorial the other week, well the magazine is now out, they selected the red waistcoat to feature and have noticed hits on my site have gone up sky high. Click on the magazine front and scroll through to page 18/19 if you want a peek.

They approached me out of the blue after finding my site on Best of British, just goes to show these free directories are worth putting the effort into.

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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Handmade Monday No. 93

Cannot believe only 36 days until Christmas where has the time gone, seems like only 5 minutes ago taking down the decorations and packing away for another year and now here we are with them going back up in 2 weeks, yes we do put ours up early and make a festive day of it. Think as you get older it is so important to make events of special days, when younger we just seem to go with the flow not realising that life is so short and speeds past plus am sure that journey gets quicker the older I get.

Makes this week, back recovered enough for me to complete another two teddy bear pocket bags, due to a family crisis having to fit sewing in around this.

Lee (DH) suddenly informs me his friends Birthday on the 20th eek! I really must diary these on for myself then will have more time but card done for a fishing fanatic:

The business front is certainly on a roll at Ocala Towers and long may it continue, think for me having read and digested Dixies Juicy Customer segment so many times now know the sort of clientele I want and local church halls is just not cutting it. Have a few juried events planned for next year and have to submit applications by end of February, guess what I will be doing after the festivities have faded to a blur.

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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Handmade Monday No. 92

Two weeks until my last event of the year and only the second this year, so a time to reflect what sold at the first event, what needs to be added for this final push.

November Birthday

A card I made for an old school friend, we have known each other for more years than we care to remember and the only one I have stayed in contact with. We were bff back in the day and whilst may not see each other now due to distance still keep in contact through Birthday's and Christmas.

A while back went to visit the Long Barn at Alresford, they grow the most delicious lavender and had to buy a large bag. Whilst wondering round the shop saw a gap which I thought could fill so samples sent last Monday and fingers crossed:

A lavender bag, wash bag and sleep pillow

Will let you know how I get on, maybe for nothing as I know things are very tight atm but nothing ventured nothing gained.

Went to a women's networking meeting on Tuesday, Ladies Who Latte, have been to the Farnham one before but this was a new venue for me. Held at The Alton House Hotel, a beautiful Georgian building and wonderful grounds. The meeting was very good run by Kathy Gilbert, relaxed atmosphere and not on the normal formal programme where you all have to speak for a minute but more coffee and chat, networking at your own pace which for me was so much better. One of the best networking events I have ever been to and I have been to a few.

Back to making, my next and last event is being held at the prestigious girl's school 'The Royal' at Hindhead, so google to hand trawled through to look for ideas as to what girl's are into, quite a varied spectrum of ideas but settled on mini bags including some fun Christmas ones. These were fun to make and with the added embroidery (a teddy bear pocket) will hopefully let them stand out on my stall.

The latest Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine arrived and words evade me, just wonderful:

Also arrived the latest issue of Pretty Nostalgic

Went into Guildford yesterday and picked up the latest copy of Selvedge No 49 called Evergreen an absolute must if you are into Textiles

Finally the Vintage Directory, ideal for all things vintage can be picked up at fairs or for a postal subscription. I also did a special Christmas advertising online offer with them this year and considering whether to go in the actual directory.

Not as much done as would have liked this week as Thursday woke with the most horrific back pain, hurts to sit, stand, walk and lay flat. Still not sure what I did but have had problems before, r & r maybe.

Final bit of news got a request from a local Surrey magazine if they could feature some of my handmade items in the Christmas gift issue, really chuffed with the offer. The magazine is an upmarket, exciting lifestyle magazine that is contemporary in style and aimed primarily at the yummy mummies in Surrey and the age group 30 - 45, while also appealing to the wider community.
Off to try to have a back breather and catch up on all those tv programmes that I have taped.

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I would like to thank all of you that visited and commented on my blog last week, a bit late in my trawl but hope I got round to you all, your comments are appreciated.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Handmade Monday No. 91

Needlework Archive Craft Market

The day arrived up bright and early, thank goodness for the clocks going back enabled us to walk Shiloh before I went. Dreaded leaving Lee in charge of putting on his harness and all the other things associated with a dog walk, co-ordination and my DH do not go together, think could be a man thing.

The drive to Newbury was a good one the A339 is synonymous with dreadful driving antics by idiots but leaving at 7 and arriving by 8.00 meant I avoided most of that, cannot say for the same for the return journey, think I got more grey hairs on the journey back. Had time to sit and wait for the opening of the doors and took that chance to enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee and a read. 

The doors open and in the exhibitors flood, greeted and shown to our pitches then backwards and forwards to unload. I decided I was doing it differently this time taking in the stall cloths and stand first, setting up the stall without the stock boxes getting in the way. Had also placed on the back seat all the stock going on the stall ready in the display baskets etc so the set up was easy. That left the stock boxes  had  packed 2 with back up stock and left the rest in the car. Have been known to go to events before packing also the kitchen sink. Time to have a browse at the Archive shop wonderful goodies and a fascinating place to visit if like me you love all things needlework. Took some pic's of my stall and the new set up, still maybe some tweaking to do but all in all very happy and got some wonderful comments. Did well and the day was a success, although did not sell oodles what I did sell were large ticket items and can say the were the right sort of customer Dixie.

One sale was a special request for a door pillow in pink roses for a Best Friend, not one to let the grass grow under my feet, all done a ready to be posted tomorrow.

As an aside a few of you asked how I got on at the FW networking event, well to cut a long story short did not go and have left the group. The reason? they are now no longer a group for women only, nothing against men as married to one, lol but have always found at these type of events unless a crafter most men do not get what it is to be creative and can be a tad condescending. So nothing against crafters who are men but corporate men, plus still not sure why men would join a women's networking group, DH thinks a bit odd. Did voice my concerns but the owner has not had the courtesy to reply, so as not a paying member I am obviously of no consequence. also felt that the vote to accept men should have been put on the main website not on Linkedin, all a bit underhand me thinks.

Back to the makes a birthday card for a friend but will have to wait to see it until after the 10th. Also working on some lavender samples more next week

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Old Textile Centre

Carolee Crafts is attending the following event this weekend, if you are visiting please come and introduce yourself