Sunday, 30 August 2015

A new kitchen and more for Christmas

My new kitchen is finally finished and so chuffed with it, gleams as it should the cupboards are an green/grey pain effect made in solid wood and the worktop a quartz steel, white with grey flecks and glittery bits. Mosaic tiles with tongue and groove cladding painted by Lee in a chalk paint white with the walls in Willow green. Simon and his lads did a wonderful job and cannot be happier.

Went better than we expected and not as hard as bought a load of microwave ready meals for Lee from Waitrose, he does not do salads as apparently real men do not eat salads, hmpff think that is a load of rubbish but he said if he wanted to eat water would have a glass out of the tap.

Shiloh was a bit miffed and behaved? well not that well at times. he hates to be locked out of rooms and always want to go into the rooms that are off limits, why? goodness knows.

After the red Poinsettias decided to add some pink and white, again these are so pretty and large enough to go on the tree and be seen.

Scandinavian tree ornaments in a glitter felt, almost Jacobean in style.

Continuing with the flower theme some bobby pins, this time with a crystal button for the centre.

More ideas buzzing away for next week and a whole week with no workmen in the house....

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Birthday Card and Christmas in August

Well a month out for Christmas in July but got there in the end. Have been making so many other things, catching up on gift making that Christmas was put on the back burner, apart from gifts to give. These have all now been done, along with the cards.

Birthday of a boat lover

My Brother in Law had his Birthday on yesterday and had made this card a few months back. An applique boat stitched onto card, mounted onto a main 8" square card. Lace embellishment and a button and eyelet detail.

Christmas in August

Had a wonderful embroidery design through from EMB Library along with a suggestion of a sack. Sourced some vintage style fabric, added the design to the centre, fleece trim for the top and a double drawstring though the top. The sack is stitched across the corners to make a deep gusset. Lined with calico as firm without being to starchy. Have only made 2 of these as the design takes 192 minutes to complete.

Merry Christmas cones, made in a fun pink and blue candy cane fabric. Bought this last year and only got around to using. Think the main problem was saw too late for use last year but does not eat or drink, so worth getting to stash away. These cones can hold a small gift or filled with sweets and hung from the tree.

Working on some more poinsettias this time in pink and white. Waiting for the centres so should be finished next week. Made a start on some Scandinavian style glitter felt ornaments to hang from the Christmas tree. Love the Scandi style, as with the Poinsettias should be finished next week. Just need some snow, Christmas Music, Mulled Wine and will be well away.

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Have a great week and hope after 3 weeks we will have the kitchen finished tomorrow. The worktop was the problem and only had fitted on Friday. Will be so pleased when all done.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Flowers everywhere

I love these organza flowers and in particular this Aster design, reasonably quick to stitch out.  With the pearl or diamante centres, a bar back ideal as brooches or to dress up a plain bag.

Have made rather a lot then got distracted with Poinsettias to add to a garment or the Christmas tree. May order some velvet covered headbands, I know could do myself but tbh they are so reasonable to buy would work out so much dearer by the time added all the bits needed. Just got to decide what colour to choose, the red may not match and could clash, the same goes for the green so thinking black would be best as sort of neutral. These would look good with the Poinsettias on for Christmas.

Perhaps some pastel ones for the Asters, the ideas are picking up speed, now where is the bank card, lol.

This lace necklace design is so pretty and adding the Swarovski crystal beads to it, with vintage style steampunk chain and rings, just perfect. Think may be going to make some more of these as well.

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Not much else to show this week as been busy painting tongue and groove panelling on the kitchen walls. Hopefully the worktops will arrive on Wednesday along with the tiler, Simon to fit the sink and hob and you never know, this time next week may have a finished kitchen to show you.

Have a great week and while the rain has been good for the gardens, would be good to have some dry spells to sit outside.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Tea Time and triml

I love to work in 'collections' and my website is split mostly into rooms. However working with collections is fine but I never finish what I have planned as like a butterfly, flit off to another project. This collection is not yet finished but have made a restart on gift bags. These are ideal for popping in a pretty mug, maybe with a box of delicious tea bags such as Twinings Rose, come complete with a mug rug in the same theme. As usual this is fabric from my stash and can only make a limited number but happy with the way they turned out.

Tea Time Gift Set

Mug rug in the same theme

Time mug rugs thought these would be good for men, do not make much for men as more a girly girl

Finally some burlap and patchwork ribbon trim, a metre per card. 5cms wide perfect for so many things. Only problem with burlap is the smell this does go if hung on a washing line for a time in the fresh air, and worth it for that shabby chic look.

Still working on plenty of ideas but this next week could be slow as having the kitchen ripped out finally. Hope will all be done by Friday, do not like workmen in the house and feel my home is no longer mine, plus Shiloh gets stroppy as he will be blocked from certain rooms. So in between constant cups of tea or coffee and a petulant dog going to be a joyful week.

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Will leave you with a picture to give you a laugh and to show how stupid some dogs can be, he goes in behind the Camellia by the shed but then cannot turn round or get out the other side until Lee moves a very heavy lawn roller. The funny thing is he never makes a sound and then we realise he is missing. When someone goes to the front door now that is a different matter and all hell breaks lose.