Sunday, 30 August 2015

A new kitchen and more for Christmas

My new kitchen is finally finished and so chuffed with it, gleams as it should the cupboards are an green/grey pain effect made in solid wood and the worktop a quartz steel, white with grey flecks and glittery bits. Mosaic tiles with tongue and groove cladding painted by Lee in a chalk paint white with the walls in Willow green. Simon and his lads did a wonderful job and cannot be happier.

Went better than we expected and not as hard as bought a load of microwave ready meals for Lee from Waitrose, he does not do salads as apparently real men do not eat salads, hmpff think that is a load of rubbish but he said if he wanted to eat water would have a glass out of the tap.

Shiloh was a bit miffed and behaved? well not that well at times. he hates to be locked out of rooms and always want to go into the rooms that are off limits, why? goodness knows.

After the red Poinsettias decided to add some pink and white, again these are so pretty and large enough to go on the tree and be seen.

Scandinavian tree ornaments in a glitter felt, almost Jacobean in style.

Continuing with the flower theme some bobby pins, this time with a crystal button for the centre.

More ideas buzzing away for next week and a whole week with no workmen in the house....

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  1. *NICE* job on the kitchen! :-D
    Although, be careful with the TV set so close to the sink...
    The ornaments look great too!

  2. New kitchen looks great. I really need one, but would want to order a beautiful dog to be in mine, just like yours.

  3. Stunning kitchen! You must be so pleased that its all done and looking lovely :) You Xmas decs are super cute! x

  4. Your kitchen is jut beautiful, I love the sound of the worktop with a bit of sparkle. Love your tree ornaments, they are so pretty.

  5. Ooooo stunning! so incredibly jealous! I love the light airy feel. I bet you keep just standing in there for no reason!! xx

  6. Your kitchen is a gorgeous shade of green. Love it! I like the bobby pins too. What technique are you using to create these flowers? They're so unusual!

  7. Your kitchen is gorgeous, worth the effort:) particularly love the Scandinavian decorations:)

  8. Your kitchen is gorgeous and I love the blind (and the dog!).
    Those tree decorations are very pretty :)


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