Sunday, 6 September 2015

Handles Discovered and Using Up All Of A Fabric Length

A quiet week here at chez Ocala Towers, after all the toing and froing of workmen, good to have the house to ourselves. A big Fall clean has taken place and the house is now sparkling, not too sure how long that will last with a fur baby and a husband.

Have been making this week though as have to keep up the good work:

Mini Bags

Found these handles all glittery in a box, forgot all about them but had the perfect in the hoop project for 2 mini bags. The first shooting stars and the second Paris in Springtime.

Again going through my fabric stash and found a of length of cotton, had bought about 8 months ago to make myself an overtop. An overtop has been made but somehow ended up with more fabric than I needed. Think could have been a case bought online and they did not sell part metres. Anyway waste not want not.... managed to get out a child's pinafore or sundress for a 3 year old, plus some pretty budget mug rugs,  some cute dolly bags and borrowing from Vicky some cute hair bows. Have a length of blue fabric the same to make up but will do that in a few weeks.

Love being able to take a length of fabric and use it all up, in the old days remember keeping all the offcuts and storing them up, when they got too much sent them to a local quilting group but now have to keep every last scrap fro applique work.

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That is all for this week off to have a planning session for next week and as have started an online course to decorate cookies, need to make a shopping list of all the bits needed for my first project. Think this may get expensive, lol


  1. Good use of your fabric, and I love both the bags. Such different colours, but both stunning.

  2. Wow, what a lot of makes you got out of one length of fabric! Love the pretty bags too, the colours match the handles perfectly!

  3. Those handles are Perfect!
    I have to start taking pics of the stuff I buy or else I totally FORGET what I got! - I keep getting great remnants at one of our local thrift shops... However, I haven't really "sewn" anything other than the odd button in over 30 years! But, being a progeny of many a seamstress, I just love BUYING fabric! ...some day, a quilt or two might happen...

  4. What great discoveries - you have certainly put your "finds" to good use.

  5. Wow I love those bags! Especially Shooting Stars! And well done on making such lovely items with your leftover fabric.

  6. The bags are sew pretty! The green is especially lovely xx

  7. You are so creative thinking of different projects to use your fabric, they are all lovely. I'm glad you're enjoying having your house back! :)

  8. I love the Paris bag especially :)

  9. I love, love, love that shooting stars fabric! Such a pretty little bag.


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