Saturday, 7 September 2013

Rose and Cinnamon Hearts

Another week and not long before panic sets in for both the wedding fair on the 9th November and Christmas fairs starting this month, eek...... think may get away with another month before I bring out the Xmas product line but the time goes so quickly.

Carrying on from The Country Kitchen Collection the other week have added some rose and cinnamon hearts. All made in printed linen in gingham or spot. I love the smell of cinnamon and nothing better than a hot slice of cinnamon toast, delicious, a real scent of Christmas or any time.

Bridal Boutique

Well finally went and did it, got invited to a wedding fair at All Saints in Catherington, in deepest Hampshire on the 9th November. A new venue for me but understand they have been holding for some time. I think the church holding this sort of event is such a good idea, as brides can see the church, hall for the reception plus look at all the goodies on display. Starting as I mean to go on this is the first of at least 2 dozen, all sizes a pretty garter

The flowers were made by myself from scratch and very happy with the results, my favourite is the frilled cream one all done in a crinkle silk effect ribbon, with a pearl diamante centre, so pretty.

Have started a new notebook for the Bridal product line and I love stationery, cannot pass a notebook without picking up and buying, think this must be an addiction. The hardest bit is to actually use them, what am I like?

Back next week with hopefully some more makes to show and tell