Sunday, 26 June 2011

Monday again

Am sure some days go missing each week and instead of 7 days down to about 4, could do with 10 in a week. Well my 'To Do' list is not shrinking, keep getting distracted by other ideas so go off at a tangent and do not complete what I should. Onto Handmade Monday and Show and Tell this week my aim was to make myself some clothes, don't like what I see in the shops and as have an ottoman full of fabric thought save some money, so my makes:

Kaftan in a fine cotton voile with beading round the yoke, this caused quite a few problems as my eyesight for small things is not brilliant and the pesky little creatures kept flying off the tray but got there in the end

and then another kaftan, this time nothing round the yoke as despite my sewing room representing a well stocked shop (so DH says) could not find the right trim, so trawling the almost non-existent habi shops this week, plus added some trousers in a linen mix, made in the rugby style with the stitched seams down the front, think this strengthens the knees.

Demo for the Mencap Make With Me campaign sorted and posted, they approached me this week to get involved very honoured, have done some tags as fun and easy to make, no folding and can use up all those left over stickers bought because I like the look of them and never used, what did I say about a shop?

Also have to do a display photo for the Get Britain Trading campaign if anyone is interested in joining the pledge and adding your site, it all helps to promote your business, here is the link:

Get Britain Trading

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I was awarded the Versatile Blogger this week and a big thank you to Martha of After Hours for the award, I was also able to nominate some favourite blogs for the same award, in case you missed it the post is below this one and the award goes to:

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Going to visit with our new fur baby this Thursday, he will be 3 weeks and 4 days, calling him Shiloh, DH was a Virginian fan, some of you may be too young to remember this.

Have a good week crafting all and enjoy the good weather in between the showers.


Make With Me A Mencap Campaign

Welcome to a Tag tutorial, hopefully quite a simple exercise but fun.

You will need luggage tags (available from most stationery shops)
Silicone Glue and a glue stick
Patterned paper
Stamps and ink
Paper Punch flower shape
Plain paper
Crystal stickers
Brush or sponge
Ribbon (I used organza)

1. Remove the string from the tags and using a brush or sponge dab some ink around the outsides of the tag, blending into the centre.

2. Take your stamp, I chose a scroll pattern and using the same ink stamp at random around the tag, make sure some of the stamped design goes off the edges as looks better.

3. Taking the patterned paper tear a small rectangle, making sure it fits on your tag and stick down with a glue stick. Does not have to be precise the more random the better.

4. Add your stickers to your tags, again no set place to put them just as you feel looks good.

5. Take the paper punch and punch out approx 3 flowers per tag, placing something in odd numbers always looks better to the eye.

Using silicone glue, tab a small amount on the centre of each flower and stick to your tag

6. Add some crystal stickers to the centres of the flowers

7. cut a length of ribbon approx 48cm (19"), fold in half and pass the loop from back to front through the whole at the top of the tag

8. Pass the loose ends through the loop and pull tight, neaten the ribbon ends by cutting at an angle across, this stops fraying.

9. Add a paper flower (in my case a rose) to the top near the ribbon. Tag finished.

Tags are fun and easy to make, no folding can be given as a gift and used for bookmarks.

To see more of the Make with Me and Bake With Me campaign check the Mencap website

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Martha of After Hours blog for giving me the versatile blog award, check out Martha's blog here I have to...

1. Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award.... (done)

2. Share seven random things about yourself (now that is difficult)

3. Award seven recently discovered bloggers with this award and contact them to let them know they have won..... (done)

7 random things about me:

1. I buy and horde fabric, lace and trims in fact anything that I like the look of.
2. Used to ride until a bad fall and never got on a horse again, too old now.
3. I love to read and always have a stack of murder books to plough through
4. Love Golden Retrievers and having lost my old boy age 15.5 years in November getting a new fur baby in July
5. Love cinnamon toast and Helmans with everything
6. Love early mornings getting up at 4:30 to the sound of the birds
7. Could not live without my Mac

7 blogs I would like to nominate:

1. Janet's Creative Pillows Janet's work is beautiful and original she is a wonderful Pinkie friend

2. The Polka Dot Rose - Susie is a special lady

3. Cottage Flair - wonderful creations by Jennifer

4. Gail Friend Designs - Gail a beautiful & talented person

5. 1st Unique Gifts - without Wendy we would not have Handmade Monday

6. Aviya Glass - Terry's wonderful creations

7. Ink and Sheep - Laura and her wonderful stamped images

Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Lazy Week

Another Monday and that time again for 'Show and Tell' and 'Handmade Monday'. The week has sped past and not a lot made, finished a few projects hidden in the cupboard one of them a pair of picot edged bootees with an organza ribbon and rose detail plus an organza bag to keep safe.

Vintage Style Christening Card

A gift and card in one -

A card with a laminated bookmark mounted onto green pearl card, backing pearl vellum with a leaf print and complimentary accents and matching insert, left blank
The saying is : 'A book is like a garden carried in the pocket - Chinese Proverb'

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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Buzzing around and more

Cannot believe it is that time again for Show and Tell and Handcrafted Monday, only 197 days until Christmas, soon be Christmas in July time are you all ready? don't panic because I am not either but must plan early this year. On approx 25th July I am getting a new helper, he will be officially introduced at that time but will need a lot of training to achieve the standards I like to meet plus not sure what his roll in Carolee Crafts will be atm, could be more of a hindrance than a help, we shall wait and see, anyway I diversify onto the makes this week:

Key fob pouches, ideal for holding a lipsalve, memory stick or a garage remote control as bought by a very valued customer

then more for the Petit Bebe collection traditional ivory and silver

but then for something different

and a cute bumble bee sun suit with ruffles

Onto some rose scented vintage tea cup candles with hand stamped tags and not one to waste wax just enough to make two tea lights

Fair ground attraction Gift Card in pink glitter with pearl paper and parchment print, topped with stars and more.

Think that is enough for this week or could turn into war and peace

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Sunday, 5 June 2011

What have I been making this week?

I was lucky enough to have a school friend ( Find it harder to remember my school days now, lol) contact me last week for a special wedding card for a couple tying the knot on the 11th June, the spec was something cute so hopefully you will like it Melanie, should have got it by now:

Don't you just love CD Roms, so much easier than drawers full of paper and toppers, plus this way DH does not know how much stock I have, lol as a CD is small and can be well hidden.


I just loved this fabric, wish I had bought more but made some door sachets, scented with fresh linen pot pourri, so pretty and perfect for a dog or cat lover.

Petit Bébé

I love silk and thought this fleur-de-lis print was just a perfect start to my Petit Bébé collection
had planned a gift card and tag set but on opening my order found not pearl paper but card, so annoying but will get there in the end just a slight delay in proceedings

Off to plan the makes for next week, in between clearing MIL's flat, running my own business, a home and a husband, being kept busy but they do say: 'Idle hands are the devil's workshop' so keeping busy is a must. Have a happy week creating.

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