Sunday, 28 December 2014

Saying Thank You

I was taught both at home and at school that you should always say Thank You for a gift or invitation. This does not seem to happen as often as it used to and can be confusing, thought I would copy a section on Thank You's from my Etiquette bible:

Thank-You Letters
As a general rule, a thank-you letter should always be handwritten and sent within a week to ten days of an event or receipt of a present.


Thank-you letters are necessary to acknowledge presents given for Christmas, christenings, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Refer to the present directly and include some details to personalise the tone of the letter.
Remember that in our digital age, a handwritten letter is always appreciated so, for maximum impact, make the effort to write promptly.


It is appropriate for parents to respond on behalf of their offspring before the child is able to write. The child should write their own, however, as soon as they can. Children should be encouraged to specifically refer to the present in the letter, and make a detailed comment about it ('Thank you for the teddy you gave me for my birthday. I have named him Edward'). An extra sentence of topical news about the child's life adds a personal touch ('For my birthday treat, I am going to the cinema with my friends').
Traditionally, children should always write a thank-you letter for presents, but it is becoming more permissible for children to say thank you in person if the giver is there when the present is actually opened. Much will depend on the expectations of particular families or individuals.


When thanking someone after an event, the form of the invitation signals the appropriate format of a thank you. Engraved invitation cards require a formal thank you letter. An at Home card suggests a short letter or note.
Traditionally addressed to the hostess, nowadays letters can be addressed to either the host, hostess or couple as appropriate.
A verbal, telephone or email invitation needs only a telephone call of thanks after the event; telephone and email are interchangeable if all parties use both frequently.


Thank-you letters should also be sent after being a guest in someone else's home, for example after staying for a weekend or Christmas.
Support during a key event or task - bereavement, wedding, reference for a job - should also be acknowledged with a brief letter of thanks.
Nowadays, however, email is generally acceptable for brief and informal thank yous.

I tend to use e note cards and cards from Jacquie Lawson but if I do not know an email will send a handmade Thank You card. The cost is minimal but know that I love to hear that my visitors enjoyed themselves or that gifts were well received. In a busy world does not take long to do and always make sure I have a stock of cards, stamps and envelopes ready to hand, that way takes approx 5 minutes to say Thank You and hopefully makes the host or gifter feel good about all their hard work and thought.

Monday, 15 December 2014

It's Christmas

The last fair has been done, stock packed away until next year. Notebooks being filled with ideas, making a start on Easter first and may do some cards for Valentines Day. I always think Valentines day gets forgotten as busy up to Christmas, then celebrating our own Festive season. After eating too much and cold outside get a case of the hibernations for January and work seems a distant activity. In a blink of an eye the 14th February and again not ready for Valentines day.

Plan of action: Valentines cards being made between Christmas and New Year, well that is the plan and you could say part of the 2014 resolution list. 

Now what happened to that list? did I do one? not sure. In other words if done, now a distant memory and long forgotten. Wonder how many others make resolution lists only for them to end up in the bin by late January. Will we stick to them this year?

Wishing my wonderful readers and their families a 
Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year


Monday, 8 December 2014

Another Christmas Fair

An all day event this time, up early car packed and off we go. The journey was good well only 7 miles so should be. The hall did not open until 9 which gave an hour to unload and set up, a bit rushed but we all managed by the skin of our teeth. Doors opened at 10.00 and we waited and waited for the rush to begin. By about midday had lost the will to live and the clock watching started. Am sure the time slowed down to an almost crawl as the last 3 hours lasted at least 6! One consolation sat next to the lovely Marion who makes come fabulous jewellery items, we chatted the time away and know without her would have been even worse. Some pic's of the day a bit lack lustre and it was a case that the stallholders and organisers out numbered the customers.

My battery lights failed as must have forgotten to check the batteries from last week but did remember the tealights.

Next week is my final event this year optimistic as back almost on home turf. Also the final date for posting from my website. Will still post orders but cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas. 

Happy shopping