Monday, 8 December 2014

Another Christmas Fair

An all day event this time, up early car packed and off we go. The journey was good well only 7 miles so should be. The hall did not open until 9 which gave an hour to unload and set up, a bit rushed but we all managed by the skin of our teeth. Doors opened at 10.00 and we waited and waited for the rush to begin. By about midday had lost the will to live and the clock watching started. Am sure the time slowed down to an almost crawl as the last 3 hours lasted at least 6! One consolation sat next to the lovely Marion who makes come fabulous jewellery items, we chatted the time away and know without her would have been even worse. Some pic's of the day a bit lack lustre and it was a case that the stallholders and organisers out numbered the customers.

My battery lights failed as must have forgotten to check the batteries from last week but did remember the tealights.

Next week is my final event this year optimistic as back almost on home turf. Also the final date for posting from my website. Will still post orders but cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas. 

Happy shopping


  1. Empty fairs are so disheartening, but at least you had someone to chat to. Fingers crossed the next fair will be better.

  2. oh no sounds awful :( sorry to hear but the stall again looks lovely and always good to meet fellow crafters x


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