Sunday, 27 May 2012

What a beautiful week

Is summer finally here? wall to wall sunshine not a cloud in the sky, baby birds in abundance, flowers blooming. The climbing roses on the pergola are laden with buds and think could be a good show this year, ideal to sit under on a warm afternoon. 

What have I been doing? well had a disarrster on Wednesday morning, took Shiloh for a walk with Lee as normal quiet and peaceful until and ijiot decided to walk towards us and blow a dandelion head, Shiloh went ape and got in front of me to protect me, I was still walking he was at a standstill, so I go over him land on my knees and put my hands out to break the fall. Well lets just say my knees, wrists and elbows along with being badly scraped and bleeding are now a lovely shade of blue and purple and blooming painful. Why is it when you have an accident like this, one then proceeds to knock said injured limbs on everything! not a good end to the week. Never mind the weather made up for it and a good excuse to recline on the sofa in the garden room watching Lee do the housework under my direction of course, lol.

Now creativity this week, not been as it should, however, as most of you know Shiloh turns 1 on the 6th June and we are meeting back at the breeders (well private house) which is in The Sands in Farnham backing onto the 7th tee of the Sands Golf Course, hoping for good weather and we will be going for a walk then tea for the humans. Four out of the 6 puppies going Lucy is not allowed as she is still in  training with Dogs for Independence in Midhurst and Logan is in Lincolnshire, so a bit far to travel. However, Lily, Alba, Gypsy and Dido (the Mum) will be in attendance so had to sit and think what could I do for them both from a business promotion point of view and something to mark this special day. So thought of doggie doo bag and treat holder, as I know always have to cram all and sundry into my pockets. Did Shiloh's first as a template and having used is brilliant, hooks onto a belt loop so very handy and not too big to get in the way. Just hope the other puppies and Mum appreciate them. Dido's done and dusted 3 more to do.

That is all on the creative front but have had an order for 6 bespoke oval place mats, got a sample of the curtain fabric from John Lewis and have ordered some plain cotton in the muted shades and pewter. Plan to make in patchwork strips of varying widths to match the curtains and maybe add a monogram of the surname initial in pewter onto the middle, lined with thermal wadding to protect the table top. Plus The Royal school sent me an email and want 60! fabric bags by mid August this year not 56 for May next year as originally thought. Have 46 in stock and found some fantastic fabric for the other 14. To top it off an order for  a keepsake bridal cushion for a wedding in August. Not complaining as things have been a bit quiet of late so the next few weeks it is all go but love that work much better when busy than when time to kill.

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Chief Protector of Mum and Dad but must learn not to trip them up!!!!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Another Handmade Monday

MIL is now back in the nursing home as they can only give her palliative care, so sad and she is so weak so have been advised to expect the worst and only a matter of time. Lee is visiting with her every day and relatives have been to say goodbye. As you can imagine not a lot of work done last week as whilst I cannot do much I am supporting Lee through this as best I can.

I have added another edition to my Steampunk Collection this time a clockwork fairy handbag in a  beautiful black and pink lace print fabric:

Still plugging away at the Jubilee collection and following on from the telephone key fobs now 
Union Jack ones

& Crowns

finally back to the frame bags this time in a vintage style printed linen with embroidered tag

That is all folks for this week anyway, so sort of productive and must admit after checking back on this blog post did far more than I expected to.

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Have a Happy Creative week

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Stitching is in the Air

Another week and not been very productive, funny how some weeks everything just falls into place. energy levels are up and one can achieve so much and others not a sausage. Have got to know Frimley Park Hospital very well after MIL was rushed there last Tuesday with pneumonia, what a pickle and walk for miles trying to find the ward you want. Anyway did get a bit of work done just hope now things have settled down next week will be more productive and my mojo which seems to think it is the summer break makes a reappearance.

Iconic Telephone Box Keyfobs
Now with a Big Ben charm and key ring attachment

Steampunk Time Purse/Handbag

I love the steampunk styling but with a pretty twist, however thought this fabric leant itself well to the jewellery theme flap with a watch fob.

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Have a Happy Creative Week

Sunday, 6 May 2012

May Bank Holiday

Well what a week with the weather, howling winds, rain so heavy found several broken umbrellas left abandoned and lonely in the litter bins when walking Shiloh, that is when we could coax him out the door, appears he thinks he can shrink if he gets wet!

Not sure why but the first part of the week is more computer work and this week have been trying so hard to send pic's off to Tracey at Wow the correct size for the Press Loft campaign but Safari mail kept shrinking said picture, finally managed to send as individual emails on Thursday via BTYahoo, email gone to Apple to ask why! I think something to do with the sending capacity auto shrinks to make it easier if smaller to send but can I find the box to turn off?

Now Friday was far more productive, did humm and harr about whether to start the pinafore dresses or make some Jubilee gifts, the Jubilee handbag won.

Found a new machine embroidery design site very Goth and Steam Punk Chic. Just fell in love with this union jack heart and roses teamed with the pink and white stripe cotton a perfect handbag. The flag is muted colours rather than the harsh red, white and blue as felt more vintage.

Telephone Box Key Fob

Fun key fob should have a split ring at the end of the hoop but can I find them? will be added once the order has been delivered later this week.

Not as much to offer as I would have liked, as said before the computer wastes so much time but worth it. Took some pic's of the rhododendron in the garden this was planted some years ago and this is the first year with proper blooms, I love the frills of the petals reminds me of a huddle of fairies dancing across the leaves. Not sure of the name but palest pink with a hint of white so pretty.

This week feeling French and Alice in Wonderland! plus more ideas for a Patriotic feel and you never know may get down to making the pinafores with mock aprons that also where planned this week. Just looked at my 'To Do' better get stitching as reads like war and peace, sigh! where are those pesky fairy helpers when you want them? instead got one unhelpful dog!

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Fallen out with Mum & Dad as do not like the rain and the wind makes my ears resemble airman's hat flaps!