Sunday, 25 March 2012

Paris in Springtime and more Angels

What a beautiful week brilliant sunshine and warm even ventured out without a coat! Had to have 2 radiators replaced last week thank goodness for British Gas Homecare contract, cost zilch!

In between the hindrance of the good weather have felt an inkling to Paris maybe it is the thought of Spring, found this fabric and it just spoke to me, so my first offering a small framed bag with diamante heart and ribbon rose, simple but I hope quite pretty.

Then onto something a bit bigger another bag in a vintage style again had to add a diamante heart but also felt this one lent itself to a bow and rose.

Paris in the Pink

Just loved this fabric and thought the butterfly added that certain something

Rose Corner Frame Bag

Again another Sonia Showalter embroidery design this time a rose corner and had to use my new fabric an oatmeal linen

Victorian Shabby Chic Rose Bag

Another new linen piece of fabric arrived this week with Victorian style labels printed all over along with this beautiful shabby chic rose trim.

Penny Farthing Wash Bag

Carrying on from the theme last week as per Wendy's suggestion something for the men, will be sourcing some fabric to make more of these but wanted to test the design, lined with waterproof fabric. This pattern way sadly is from my every increasing stash of fabric and not available now.

More Angels this time for our fur babies for a cat or dog lover.

Blissful Bathtime Door Pillow

A fun bathing beauty design added to a door pillow 

On top of al that have made another pair of PJ bottoms and a kaftan top for myself. 
Next week white silk, roses, lace and swans?

Slightly off post I spent some time this weekend realising that I have a good life, doing what I want to every day. A fantastic husband who has enabled me to live my dreams and a beautiful dog who is my constant companion as well as being the comic relief when needed. A bff who is always there when I need shoulder to cry on although a distance away we email at least once a week if not more and she bothered to ring me as she thought I sounded down, what a perfect friend. Life is good and not sure can get much better and for that I am eternally grateful. 

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

All Gail's Fault

Well not really just that great minds must think alike we have both in the last week done designs with bicycles, Gail a traditional bike with flowers and me a penny farthing with flowers. Must be the onset of Spring makes me think of cool Parisienne streets, bicycles and flowers. Struggled whether to make into a bag or pillow but decided on the former, love the pink and white spots with the muted marbled green, will fit a 12" x 12" pad, ideal for a  gazebo in the garden in the long sultry summer days.

Carrying on from my theme of the Fleur de Lis earrings now lace Angels of Light perfect as a gift to let someone know you are thinking of them during a tough time in their lives, because angels have so many different meanings for each person or the Teacher Angel as a special end of term gift for the help given throughout the school year. A special Angel for New Borns. These are Sonia Showalter designs.

I am also very honoured to have an interview published with Wendy from 1st Unique Gifts on her new project Handmade Harbour. Thank you so much Wendy for this opportunity and so looking forward to all the read all about others.

Check out Pinelry by invitation only: still think it needs another n but never mind.

I would also like to thank all those that comment on my blog each week, your comments mean a lot to me and a special thank you to a new follower Connie, her stunning paintings and for her thoughtful words.

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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sewing themes and Fleur de Lis

Another week gone and am now convinced that the days have less hours in, either that or I am getting slow in my old age. Been a busy week not so much from the crafting front but making up flat packed furniture with DH offering to help!! that was when the problem started he used brute force to knock in a panel pin in the back and it went through the top of the book case, at least too tall for me to see the top but he can see it so he may remember next time leave well alone!! and let me get on with it on my now, just typical.

Anyway back to the bookcase, so pleased with it problem I now have space for more books so Amazon watch out, my wish list has already grown expedentially and needs to be emptied into the shopping cart. Still not finished the big declutter but will get there wanted a break to make a cushion cover for a relatives birthday in April, I know early but love to be organised on the gift and card front. I hope she likes it made in silk fabric, colours of creams and beige with embroidery of a sewing theme.

Fleur de Lis Earrings

Have found the most delightful machine embroidery site of designs that are amazing and these caught my eye. I love lace and the fleur de lis design so what better than to follow the suggestion of earrings, hanging on a silver ear wire with a crystal added for some sparkle. Sonia Showalter Designs is a positive heaven for machine embroidery enthusiast and cannot wait to try some of her other designs.

Another card for the family Birthday's this year, up to May already and doing good.

This new machines helps but my brain hurts with all the ideas.

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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Flutterby's and more

Another week of crafting and the weather has been odd one day beautiful the next dull and miserable but I have not let the changes get me down worked on some Spring/Summery things this week.

Butterfly Carte et un Cadeau's

Undecided about these but having found these beautiful foil embossed cards made up my mind a card and gift in one. Machine embroidery lace design in variegated pastel thread with a brooch back. The foil card design varies some are gold and some silver, some have square centres others circles but I am happy with the end result and as I love butterflies.....

Thank You Cards

A set of 3 thank you cards, simple yet effective designs and to have a set to hand just perfect

St Patrick's Day

Not to ignore the Irish contingent (forgive me Grand Ma) a Patchwork Shamrock embroidered card perfect for St Patricks Day on the 17th March and as my patron saint must not forget this day.

This is my new baby working away for me producing beautiful designs, what would I do without it?

Just for a laugh:

Took Shiloh up to the playing fields for a run around, he rugby tackled Lee to the ground then got sent of to the sin bin on a red card for said tackle after trying to give his Dad the kiss of life, this was also to add insult to injury for Lee in front of 3 other dogs and their owners.

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