Monday, 15 December 2014

It's Christmas

The last fair has been done, stock packed away until next year. Notebooks being filled with ideas, making a start on Easter first and may do some cards for Valentines Day. I always think Valentines day gets forgotten as busy up to Christmas, then celebrating our own Festive season. After eating too much and cold outside get a case of the hibernations for January and work seems a distant activity. In a blink of an eye the 14th February and again not ready for Valentines day.

Plan of action: Valentines cards being made between Christmas and New Year, well that is the plan and you could say part of the 2014 resolution list. 

Now what happened to that list? did I do one? not sure. In other words if done, now a distant memory and long forgotten. Wonder how many others make resolution lists only for them to end up in the bin by late January. Will we stick to them this year?

Wishing my wonderful readers and their families a 
Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year



  1. Shiloh looks vey smart by the Christmas tree. This year I'm going to be making some resolutions but also planning the time to do them. Enjoy Christmas

  2. this years resolutions never got round to doing them :( will next year! look forward to seeing the good luck and happy xmas! xx


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