Saturday, 7 October 2017

October, flu jabs and more or maybe less!

Welcome to another week in my world, of ups and downs, this week more down as have aggravated an old riding injury. Started the week off okay though:

Sunday: Pricing stock for the fairs. This took ages and continues for several days, have now added pricing to my 'To Do' list of new makes as I go along. A thankless task. Still have boxes of stock but as they are web based not as bothered but at some point am going to have to bite the bullet, so to speak.

Monday: More of the same, see Sunday and sort into baskets etc. This way makes it easier when unpacking at an event, a lot quicker.

Tuesday: Met up with Jenny who runs Women only Connected for coffee and chat, had a lovely morning.

Got home to find that Lee had started to mow the back lawn, caught the cable under a stone and ripped said cable out of the mower. At the same time fusing half the house. Ordered a new mower which arrived same day, this time cordless and he is now a happy bunny. Also means I do not have to have the windows open to allow for the extension and free to death in the house.

Idiot that I am I lifted the old mower into the boot of the car, to take up the dump, my hip and back go. Been hobbling around in agony for most of the week.

Wednesday: Still in pain and cannot sit or lay down for long, Movelat getting good use.

Thursday: Feeling better today and managed to complete an order for some bunting and book collection. Forgot to take pictures, slap on wist.

Friday: Waitrose delivery and everything in stock! Yay!!. Made up 2 'I love my cat bags' and added the charms to the dog ones and cats as finally arrived.

Went for a walk half way round thought Lee would have to go and get the car, back bad again.

Saturday: So far so good pain wise, couple of panadol's helped. Made up a doggie bandanna for an order, packaged and posted off on the way for our flu jabs.

Checked blog up to date, the first thing I saw was a blank page! had filled nothing in this week at all.

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Until next week

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  1. What a week Caroline! I'm so sorry to hear your back has been bad, it only takes a second doesn't it and then you can suffer for weeks. Fingers crossed you are better soon. We'll let you off for not taking photos of the bunting under the circumstances!


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