Sunday, 1 October 2017

October has arrived

Well Autumn is well and truly here but I do love this time of year, providing no rain. Crisp mornings, dog walking through crunchy leaves, the mist rising from the ground, squirrels frantically charging around to collect for their winter hibernation. I think we are lucky to have four seasons to look forward to, if hot all the time would get a bit boring and let's face it as Brits we would have nothing to moan about.

Firstly had to show a beautiful piece of work by 2 fellow crafters. Pete turns the wood and Mo decorates. In this case a beautiful wedding platter. Their work can be found here: Bodrighy Wood

Okay my crafting diary as follows;

Sunday: Check blog is okay to publish, copy images of new makes to paypal app.
On the making front some Christmas Cards. Done on the embroidery machine then stitched to card blanks with a zig zag stitch. Simple but different. These are the first 2 designs, another 3 to do.

Monday: More Christmas Cards

Tuesday: A day of wandering round Country Market for some apples, Forest Lodge for some evergreen plants for the porch and finally Frensham Garden Centre to check out the farm shop and anything else they had on display.

Wednesday: Not sure what happened to Wednesday but nothing to show for it. Oh yes got an order for some letter bunting, ordered the fabric.

Thursday: fabric for the bunting arrived but did not like the so called ivory with red spots, actually a cream, more searching online. However, the Christmas fabric arrived for the final card design:

Friday: Photographing the cards and adding to my paypal app along with some other makes for my event in 2 weeks.

Saturday: Two I love my dog bags, still have the cats to do.

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Next week have got to start sorting my stock and props for the fair on the 14th Oct. Although just under 2 weeks to go this is part of my new regime to be ready and prepared well before the day. Have left until the day before and that is hectic, then realise forgotten something when I get to the hall.

Until next week, have fun!


  1. I really like your cards. My fav is the last one with the Christmas tree. Life is better with dogs, I can vouch for that. I found the turned bowl interesting too. My mother-in-law used to be frequently found in the garage turning wood. I think she may have stopped now, but she has just turned 90.

  2. You are really in the swing of getting ready for Christmas now!
    I was in your neck of the woods today, visiting our youngest who has just started at uni in Farnham. Small world.


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