Sunday, 21 February 2016

Scarf Necklaces and a bit more

Been an odd week, sometimes freezing other times mild, must admit for dog walking, well any walking, prefer it to be cold and dry. Can always wrap up warm but getting wet is no fun.

Still waiting on deliveries for some of my makes, these will appear at some point, hopefully before the end of February.

With my 2 free balls of wool made another 2 scarf necklaces

Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice

Have ordered some more colours, decided prefer the yarn with glitter, silly me did not notice a difference when I first bought them, never mind not everyone is a glitter girl.

Paris Butterfly Cards

Some more simple cards, using the Paris paper offcuts, love these and again think for £2 reasonably priced.

Wanted something small to hold my new gift cards at events, not baskets this time though. Saw these on ebay then when I went to the website direct, low and behold half price. Had to get 2 to even things up a bit. Perfect for C6 cards and so vintage looking

Lace Bookmarks

Been meaning to do these for some time but as happens other projects get in the way. Love how they have turned out. Stitched onto crystal organza with faux silk ribbon

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That is it for another week, hope to see you same time same place on the 28th.


  1. Beautiful bookmarks - you can never have enough of those (well I can't) I love those card holders too, they're very stylish.

    1. I love bookmarks too Vicky, something about them and there are some pretty ones out there.

  2. been busy! love the scarf colours :) agree the card holder is very pretty x

  3. Love your scarfs , I like quick projects

  4. Loving the scarfs, I'm a bit of a scarf person and I have glittered ones as well as non glittered. The textured wool looks lovely. :)

  5. All of your creations are lovely. The bookmarks are so delicate. Very pretty. Wishing you the best, Pat


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