Sunday, 5 November 2017

Another week and only 50 days until Christmas

Another week in my world, have started to wrap gifts already, early but find it so tiring to do all in one go. My attention spam is that of a gnat when doing something not very keen on. Little and often is the best way to go.

Sunday: Another 2 chef pot holders, sorted out next project. Got everything I need ready for the start.

Monday: Clean the bathrooms and cloakroom.
Sort my stock for the next event into different baskets, want more height which gives me more table room.

Tuesday: Christmas Tree ornaments x 10. Made from wood shapes, covered in a musical score, lace edging and diamantes. Posted to Facebook and sold 5 within 5 minutes, not bad.

Wednesday: Hair cuts early, back for coffee with our departing neighbours.
Treated myself on my Birthday to a book and kit from a dear online friend in the States. We call her the bunny lady as she adopts rabbits. Michelle May (The Raspberry Rabbits): her work is wonderful and been after her book for some time, the kit 'Bird on My Berry Tree' is fantastic and the instructions very clear. Arrived today and that was really quick delivery from NC. Cannot wait to start this project over Christmas, in the meantime reading the book.

Thursday: Picking up leaves in the garden with the mower. Lee did the raking and I buzzed up and down with the cordless, so much less hassle than a corded mower. Came in and within half an hour lawn covered with leaves again!!!!!

Friday: Sewing eye masks and lavender sachets. Selling as a set.

Saturday: Back to the embroidery machine, will have to wait until next week for a show and tell.

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  1. The tree ornaments are fabulous! Mine are so overdue this year.

  2. Another busy week for you. I love how you squeeze just a little housework in there with all your crafting!


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