Sunday, 30 July 2017

Love it when a plan comes together

Have been working hard this week and apart from a break on Wednesday when I met up with a friend for coffee and chat, been ensconced in my sewing room.

Working on some old and some new projects starting with the last knitted bodice dress, pretty in pink and in this case a magenta top.

Needle minders

Been thinking of these for a while made out of wood blanks and some pretty prints added to the fronts. A floral button added to the bottom magnet makes it easy to remove from the top part, holding your needle. Then came the decision, how to display. A hoop seemed the obvious item but had to add 'Needle Minder' in cross stitch to the centre then of course some broderie anglais lace.

Order for lavender sachets, all packaged and waiting for courier collection on Monday

Sold another lavender lady to the same lovely customer who bought the last 3

Some more fun paperclips

Finally the Strawberry Lavender Sachets, these have been a bit stop and start as ran out of green embroidery thread so could not finish. Mainly because gave a load of thread to my sister when I had a de-clutter.

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Until next week, have fun and try to dodge the rain


  1. What a busy and prolific week you had! I love your strawberries :).

  2. You amaze me with how much you get done in a week! I love how you are displaying the needle minders - that is borderline genius!


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